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Garden Grove: A Short Story

Flag Seal. From Garden Grove: A Short Story, the free encyclopedia. Perhaps Garden Grove: A Short Story that will be so, Garden Grove: A Short Story I am content with things as they are for now. This is Garden Grove: A Short Story house, and you are not welcome here anymore. He reached deeply into Garden Grove: A Short Story rich black earth, still warm and moist despite the Garden Grove: A Short Story in TTX Case Study Essay wind.

In a Grove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa - Short Story Summary, Analysis, Review 藪の中

As of the census [60] of , there were 2,, people, , households, and , families living in the county, making Orange County the second most populous county in California. The racial makeup of the county was In , still according to the census [61] there were 2,, people living in the county. Out of , households, The average household size was 3. Ethnic change has been transforming the population. By , nearly 45 percent of the residents spoke a language other than English at home. Whites now comprise only 45 percent of the population, while the numbers of Hispanics grow steadily, along with Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese families. The percentage of foreign-born residents jumped to 30 percent in from 6 percent in The median age is 33 years.

For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 7. Residents of Orange County are known as "Orange Countians". In , the county had 1, religious organizations, the sixth most out of all US counties matching its status as the sixth-most populous county in the US. Orange County is a charter county of California; its seat is Santa Ana. Except for the Board of Supervisors, each of these elected officers are elected by the voters of the entire county and oversee their own County departments.

As of October [update] , the six countywide elected officers are: [74] [75]. A seventh countywide elected officer, the County Superintendent of Schools jointly with an independently elected County Board of Education oversees the independent Orange County Department of Education. Each of the five members of the Board of Supervisors is elected from a regional district, and together, the board oversees the activities of the county's agencies and departments and sets policy on development, public improvements, and county services. At the beginning of each calendar year, the Supervisors select a Chair and Vice Chair amongst themselves.

The Chair presides over board meetings, and the Vice Chair presides when the Chair is not present. The Board also appoints the County Executive Officer to act as the chief administrative officer of the county and the manager of all agencies and departments not under the sole jurisdiction of an elected county official nor the sole jurisdiction of one of the four aforementioned officers appointed by the Board. As of January [update] , the members of the Orange County Board of Supervisors are: [74] [75] [78]. The County Department of Education is wholly separate from the County government and is jointly overseen by the elected County Superintendent of Schools and the five-member Orange County Board of Education, whose trustees are popularly elected from five separate trustee areas.

As of January [update] , the six elected officials overseeing the Orange County Department of Education are: [75] [79]. Carona became eligible for his pension at age 50, and is also entitled, by law, to medical and dental benefits. Citron, a Democrat, funneled billions of public dollars into questionable investments, and at first the returns were high and cities, schools and special districts borrowed millions to join in the investments. The California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility filed a lawsuit against the pension system to get the list. The agency had claimed that pensioner privacy would be compromised by the release. A judge approved the release and the documents were released late June The release of the documents has reopened debate on the pension plan for retired public safety workers approved in when Carona was sheriff.

Called "3 percent at 50," it lets deputies retire at age 50 with 3 percent of their highest year's pay for every year of service. Before it was approved and applied retroactively, employees received 2 percent. The Board of Supervisors were tripping over themselves to make the motion. A lawsuit, which said the benefit should go before voters, was rejected in Los Angeles County Superior Court in and is now under appeal.

Voter registration as of October 15, [88]. During most of the 20th century and up until , Orange County was known for its political conservatism and for being a bastion for the Republican Party , with a academic study listing three Orange County cities as among America's 25 most conservative. In , Hillary Clinton became the first Democrat since to carry Orange County in a presidential election and in the midterm elections the Democratic Party gained control of every Congressional seat in the county. As the number of Democrats increased, the number of voters not aligned with a political party increased to comprise Seven out of the 12 state legislators from Orange County are also Republicans. Orange County has long been known as a Republican stronghold and has consistently sent Republican representatives to the state and federal legislatures — so strongly so, that Ronald Reagan described it as the place that "all the good Republicans go to die.

Bush in It was one of five counties in the state that voted for Barry Goldwater in In , Orange County gave Franklin D. Roosevelt a majority of its presidential vote. The Republican nominee won Orange County in the next 19 presidential elections, until Hillary Clinton won the county with a narrow majority in The Republican margin began to narrow in the s and s as the state trended Democratic until the mid- to lates when it voted for the Democratic Party in and in , when the Democratic party won every United States House District anchored in the county, including four that had previously been held by republicans. The 39th, 45th, 46th, and 48th districts are all centered in Orange County. The 38th and 47th have their population centers in Los Angeles County, while the 49th is primarily San Diego County-based.

According to the California Secretary of State, as of February 10, , Orange County has 1,, registered voters. An additional Senator John F. Seymour previously mayor of Anaheim , and U. Senator Thomas Kuchel of Anaheim. Securities and Exchange Commission. Schmitz , a presidential candidate in from the ultra-conservative American Independent Party and the father of Mary Kay Letourneau.

While the growth of the county's Hispanic and Asian populations in recent decades has significantly influenced Orange County's culture, its conservative reputation has remained largely intact. Partisan voter registration patterns of Hispanics, Asians and other ethnic minorities in the county have tended to reflect the surrounding demographics, with resultant Republican majorities in all but the central portion of the county.

When Loretta Sanchez , a Blue Dog Democrat , defeated veteran Republican Bob Dornan in , she was continuing a trend of Democratic representation of that district that had been interrupted by Dornan's upset of former Congressman Jerry Patterson. Until , Sanchez herself was a moderate Republican, and she is viewed as somewhat more moderate than other Democrats from Southern California. In , George W. She argues that its conservative political orientation in the 20th century owed much to its settlement by farmers from the Great Plains , who reacted strongly to communist sympathies, the civil rights movement , and the turmoil of the s in nearby Los Angeles — across the " Orange Curtain ".

In the s and s, Orange County was one of California's leading Republican voting blocs and a subculture of residents with "Middle American" values that emphasized capitalist religious morality [ clarification needed ] in contrast to West coast liberalism. Republican Assemblyman Van Tran was the first Vietnamese-American elected to a state legislature and joined with Texan Hubert Vo as the highest-ranking elected Vietnamese-American in the United States until the election of Joseph Cao in Louisiana's 2nd congressional district. In the special election for the vacant county supervisor seat following Democrat Lou Correa 's election to the state senate, two Vietnamese-American Republican candidates topped the list of 10 candidates, separated from each other by only seven votes, making the Orange County Board of Supervisors entirely Republican; Correa is first of only two Democrats to have served on the Board since and only the fifth since Even with the Democratic sweep of Orange County's congressional seats in , as well as a steady trend of Democratic gains in voter registration, the county remains very Republican downballot.

In much of the county, the district's congressperson is the only elected Democrat above the county level, and in some cases the only elected Democrat above the municipal level. Generally, larger cities—those with a population over ,, such as Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine - feature a registration advantage for Democrats, while the other municipalities still have a Republican voter registration advantage. As of February 10, , the only exceptions to the former are Huntington Beach and Orange, while exceptions to the latter include Buena Park, Laguna Beach and Stanton. Similarly, despite Orange county supporting Democratic candidates for president in , and , there are still several smaller municipalities in the county that have continued to vote Republican for president.

The following table includes the number of incidents reported and the rate per 1, persons for each type of offense. Irvine is the home of numerous start-up companies and also is the home of Fortune headquarters for Allergan , Edwards Lifesciences , Epicor , and Sun Healthcare Group. Fashion is another important industry to Orange County. Oakley, Inc. Hurley International is headquartered in Costa Mesa. John is headquartered in Irvine. Wet Seal is headquartered in Lake Forest. PacSun is headquartered in Anaheim. Del Taco is headquartered in Lake Forest. Gaikai also has its headquarters in Orange County. Shopping in Orange County is centered around regional shopping malls, big box power centers and smaller strip malls.

South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is the largest mall in California, the third largest in the United States, and 31st largest in the world. Downtown Disney and Anaheim GardenWalk are specialized shopping and entertainment centers aimed at visitors. There is one major outlet mall , The Outlets at San Clemente. Tourism remains a vital aspect of Orange County's economy. Anaheim is the main tourist hub, with the Disneyland Resort 's Disneyland being the second most visited theme park in the world. Also, Knotts Berry Farm gets about 7 million visitors annually and is located in the city of Buena Park. The Anaheim Convention Center holds many major conventions throughout the year.

Resorts within the Beach Cities receive visitors throughout the year due to their close proximity to the beach, biking paths, mountain hiking trails, golf courses, shopping and dining. As recently as the s, award-winning restaurants in Orange County consisted mostly of national chain restaurants with traditional American or Tex-Mex comfort food. The Orange County Department of Education oversees 28 school districts. There are a few radio stations that are actually located in Orange County. KYLA KSBR KUCI KWIZ KX Orange Coast was established in and is the oldest continuously published lifestyle magazine in the region.

OCTA manages the county's bus network and funds the construction and maintenance of local streets, highways, and freeways ; regulates taxicab services; maintains express toll lanes through the median of California State Route 91 ; and works with Southern California's Metrolink to provide commuter rail service along three lines: the Orange County Line , the 91 Line , and the Inland Empire—Orange County Line. Minor stub freeways include the Richard M. There are no U. Highways in Orange County, though two existed in the county until the mids: 91 and US 91 went through what is now the state route of the same number, and US was replaced by Interstate 5.

The bus network comprises 6, stops on 77 lines, running along most major streets, and accounts for , boardings a day. Since , Metrolink has operated three commuter rail lines through Orange County, and has also maintained Rail-to-Rail service with parallel Amtrak service. Along with Metrolink riders on parallel Amtrak lines, these lines generate approximately 15, boardings per weekday. Metrolink also began offering weekend service on the Orange County Line and the Inland Empire-Orange County line in the summer of Plans for a future station in Placentia are underway and is expected to be completed by A car and passenger ferry service, the Balboa Island Ferry , comprising three ferries running every five minutes, operates within Newport Harbor between Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Island in Newport Beach.

The Catalina Flyer connects the Balboa Peninsula to Avalon with daily round-trip passage through about nine months of the year. The airport is located in unincorporated territory surrounded by Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Irvine. In , its Thomas F. Riley Terminal handled over 9 million passengers annually and as of , seven airline brands provide scheduled service. The area's warm Mediterranean climate and 42 miles 68 km of year-round beaches attract millions of tourists annually. Huntington Beach is a hot spot for sunbathing and surfing ; nicknamed "Surf City, U. Southern California surf culture is prominent in Orange County's beach cities. Another one of these beach cities being Laguna Beach, just south of Newport Beach.

The old town area in the City of Orange the traffic circle at the middle of Chapman Ave. Little Saigon is another tourist destination, home to the largest concentration of Vietnamese people outside Vietnam. There are also sizable Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean communities, particularly in western Orange County. This is evident in several Asian-influenced shopping centers in Asian American hubs like Irvine. Historical points of interest include Mission San Juan Capistrano , the renowned destination of migrating swallows. The county has nationally known centers of worship, such as Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove , the largest house of worship in California; Saddleback Church in Lake Forest , one of the largest churches in the United States; and the Calvary Chapel.

Since the fall premiere of the hit Fox series The O. Orange County has been the setting for numerous written works and motion pictures, as well as a popular location for shooting motion pictures. It was published in and later renamed The Mark of Zorro. Many of the novels of Dean Koontz are set in Orange County. Koontz lives in Newport Beach, a well known city on the county's coast. Huntington Beach annually plays host to the U. The team won the World Series under manager Mike Scioscia in In , new owner Arte Moreno wanted to change the name to "Los Angeles Angels" in order to better tap into the Los Angeles media market, the second largest in the country.

However, the standing agreement with the city of Anaheim demanded that they have "Anaheim" in the name, so they became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This name change was hotly disputed by the city of Anaheim, but the change stood and still stands today, which prompted a lawsuit by the city of Anaheim against Arte Moreno, won by the latter. The team's first season was in and it was successful as Charlie Naimo 's team made it to the quarter-finals of the playoffs.

Louis in These communities are outside of city limits in unincorporated county territory. Orange County has a history of large planned communities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Orange county, california. County in California, United States. Board of Supervisors [2]. April 1, [4]. See also: List of rivers of Orange County, California. African American. Native American. Pacific Islander. Hispanic or Latino of any race. Incorporated cities. Census-designated places. When she had finished her song the Student got lip, and pulled a note-book and a lead-pencil out of his pocket. I am afraid not. In fact, she is like most artists; she is all style, without any sincerity. She would not sacrifice herself for others.

She thinks merely of music, and everybody knows that the arts are selfish. Still, it must be admitted that she has some beautiful notes in her voice. What a pity it is that they do not mean anything, or do any practical good. And when the Moon shone in the heavens the Nightingale flew to the Rose-tree, and set her breast against the thorn. All night long she sang with her breast against the thorn, and the cold crystal Moon leaned down and listened.

All night long she sang, and the thorn went deeper and deeper into her breast, and her life-blood ebbed away from her. She sang first of the birth of love in the heart of a boy and a girl. And on the topmost spray of the Rose-tree there blossomed a marvellous rose, petal following petal, as song followed song. Yale was it, at first, as the mist that hangs over the river - pale as the feet of the morning, and silver as the wings of the dawn. As the shadow of a rose in a mirror of silver, as the shadow of a rose in a water-pool, so was the rose that blossomed on the topmost spray of the Tree. But the Tree cried to the Nightingale to press closer against the thorn. So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and louder and louder grew her song, for she sang of the birth of passion in the soul of a man and a maid.

And a delicate flush of pink came into the leaves of the rose, like the flush in the face of the bridegroom when he kisses the lips of the bride. But the thorn had not yet reached her heart, so the rose's heart remained white, for only a Nightingale's heart's-blood can crimson the heart of a rose. And the Tree cried to the Nightingale to press closer against the thorn. So the Nightingale pressed closer against the thorn, and the thorn touched her heart, and a fierce pang of pain shot through her. Bitter, bitter was the pain, and wilder and wilder grew her song, for she sang of the Love that is perfected by Death, of the Love that dies not in the tomb.

And the marvellous rose became crimson, like the rose of the eastern sky. Crimson was the girdle of petals, and crimson as a ruby was the heart. But the Nightingale's voice grew fainter, and her little wings began to beat, and a film came over her eyes. Fainter and fainter grew her song, and she felt something choking her in her throat. Then she gave one last burst of music. The white Moon heard it, and she forgot the dawn, and lingered on in the sky.

The red rose heard it, and it trembled all over with ecstasy, and opened its petals to the cold morning air. Echo bore it to her purple cavern in the hills, and woke the sleeping shepherds from their dreams. We cover franchises, creators, fandom, and everything inbetween. Dark Mode. Garden Story. Go to Game Overview. A Guardian is always ready to lend a hand. This boss is sure to give you armloads of trouble. Take a break from battle to light up the town. Pros Gorgeous pixel art graphics, numerous endearing characters, a relaxing and enjoyable soundtrack. Cons Unimpressive combat and sim elements, repetitive game design, some performance issues. Bottom Line If you are searching for a brief, but fulfilling adventure game with endless charm and wholesome vibes, Garden Story has you covered.

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ISSN Her green eyes, set in a Garden Grove: A Short Story oval face and surrounded by the gentle curls of deep Garden Grove: A Short Story hair, swelled with fear. Published 2001: A Space Odysseythis short story collection by Krys Lee offers Garden Grove: A Short Story poignant Garden Grove: A Short Story into the Korean immigrant experience. Garden Grove: A Short Story we had smoke bombs. I wonder what would it be like if I did? The percentage of foreign-born residents jumped to 30 percent Garden Grove: A Short Story from 6 percent in