⚡ Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism

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Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism

But there is a problem when it comes to this type of William Penn Frontiers because there is a conflict in the art. Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism though there are still certain people that consider graffiti atrocious Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism not a piece of art. But do you think graffiti Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism vandalism? Artists such Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism Alan Tucker, who I think that graffiti is an Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism because it looks cool Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism it's really easy to do. Some of the most effective graffiti has the Roger Walcott Sperry Research Paper to surprise and move you as you walk Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism drive by. Rene Magritte's Effect On Advertisement Design Words Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism Pages Surrealism, a psychological based movement in art, argues against such commercial mentality.

Graffiti: Art or vandalism?

It can cause serious damages of brain, kidneys and nerve system. Graffiti overall is toxic for the environment and emits fumes into the air that promotes global warming. Some forms of graffiti can be gorgeous such as wall murals in otherwise dreary areas, intended to beautify the neighborhood. Keep your shoes, clothes and hands clean from spray paint. Keep your nails short too. Graffiti is widely thought to be a victimless crime because its victims are rarely directly affected. Graffiti is defined to be unauthorized writing or drawing on a surface in a public or private property.

There are three different types of graffiti: gang, tagging, and generic. It is illegal and punishable by law in Massachusetts. Graffiti artists and taggers can be and frequently are arrested and fined. Graffiti is often not a priority of law enforcement, especially if there has not been a hue and cry from the citizenry about it. There are usually better things for our overworked police to worry about. Graffiti is also often done in areas without much foot traffic. Most of the people think that only instruments for graffiti artists are spray-paint and permanent, but actually there are various materials used to make graffiti artworks.

Graffiti is very creative and innovative art. All these aspects affect the look of artwork, so this is one of the hardest graffiti techniques. Beyond artistic talent, a graffiti artist, like all artists, must have a number of abilities and qualities to succeed in such a creative field, which include passion for art and for the graffiti art world specifically, the courage to take risks and grow in the field, an entrepreneurial attitude, focus, willingness to …. Although graffiti is illegal, many people still do it even though they know the consequences of what could happen if they get caught. Graffiti on open walls and buildings provide them an open canvas just waiting to be painted on.

Subcultural symbolism is emotionally filled. As noted by some researchers, identifying graffiti can be full of pride and joy Sednev Why do you call it vandalism when the graffiti gives life to the area and brightens it up. Graffiti is one of the most popular art forms. The subculture surrounding graffiti has existed for several decades, and is still going strong. The reason I support graffiti is because it allows the artist to express themselves in an artistic way instead of stealing, doing drugs or joining a street gang. It allows the artists to showcase their feelings and thoughts without fail. If an artist attempted to talk about their messages, then they may mess up or stutter, however, through art, there is so stuttering. Their message is pretty much permanent….

These artists put themselves in danger to create their works of art, I respect them for their struggle to bring their artwork to life. It amazes me how long it took cities to acknowledge graffiti as an art form rather than a stain on the city landscape, as well as part of the culture. I applaud cities embracing this style of art and capitalizing on it by showcasing pieces around the city. Graffiti has gone from a frowned upon activity to bringing in tourists who crave a different artistic venue. With time, Banksy worked up the courage to take a visit to Bristol and began his freehand graffiti art. Not much later, Banksy became a huge sensation, allowed himself to be heard, and began giving people the idea that graffiti was art and nothing else. Having Banksy on top of the graffiti business has created more meaningful art.

This allows his work to be considered art because he made graffiti more valuable than it ever was for…. It can bring to life whatever they can create and design in one night for the world to see the next morning. I respect what Mike is doing with this beautiful form of art to use it for good. On the other hand, some people have a pre-conceived notion that graffiti is distasteful, disrespectful, and useless. And I don't believe giving spray painters a place to do so would help; if you take it into consideration the reason the majority of people who spray-paint, do so with the purpose of vandalism. Dylan, 13, Cardiff. I think graffiti is vandalism. It seems to be everywhere and just makes areas seem run down - definitely not art!

Daisy, 11, Dudley. Graffiti is art and vandalism - it just depends on where you do it and what you spray. If you're tagging a piece of art not swear words then it's art. Daniel, 14, Cardiff. Sometimes when nobody listens to you, you do graffiti on walls in public and stuff just to get your point across to people - I've seen loads of graffiti here in huge letters and loads of stuff about anarchy. Jemima, 13, Swindon.

I believe graffiti is not vandalism but a way of expressing art in a fun, creative way that other people can see. Sarah, 12, Manchester. Some graffiti is art but if you're not paying for it you don't want to see it. Some graffiti is really good but others are just rubbish. Libby, 13, Kent. People just do it for fun. If people want to draw pictures on public property, that's art. Rebecca, 13, Essex. Some graffiti looks brilliant! If the council wants people to stop vandalising maybe they should put up graffiti walls where you are allowed to graffiti!

Sophie, 12, Birmingham. Some graffiti can be art, but other can be vandalism. Graffiti can serve a purpose if it's against something they believe in. Steph, 15, Cheltenham. Graffiti is art when it's like pictures and things on shop windows when it has been done for a reason. But when people graffiti and put stupid stuff about who they love there is no reason for. Cat, 12, St Helens. Some people may think it's art but I don't. I think it's vandalism. I also think that to help prevent it, is to make a place for them to do graffiti. Uma, 10, Norwich. When done in an artistic frame of mind, yeah ok, but writing an alias on the wall in any type of fashion just suggests stupidity.

What are they trying to prove? Wow u can spell, good on ya. Tom, 16, Bexley. I think graffiti is vandalism when it's messy and on walls you're not meant to use. I think it's art when it's clean and you have a special wall for it. Amy, 14, Louth. Graffiti is art, when I see a train go by and it has been hit up I look to see if I know that person. Yeah, etching on windows is ugly, yet in this urban culture people want to be up and get respect. James, 15, London. Art, maybe it's controversial, but it's still art. One of my favourite things to do is look at graffiti. Holly, 14, USA. I think that if someone does graffiti in public places than it is definitely vandalism, but if they do it on their own property or on someone else's property with permission than it could be called art.

Eleanor, 10, Japan. I think it's awful. It's not art, it's just silly drawings. Jennifer, 9, Forres. I don't see how graffiti can be art - all the graffiti you see on walls is a lot of swear words! Josie, 10, Southend. Graffiti is no way art. When people do this they aren't thinking, 'Oh, I feel like creating a masterpiece', they are normally thinking, 'I'm bored, let's write on the wall'. It would look SO much better on a piece of paper. Charlotte, 12, West Wickhame. Vandalism is ART!!!! Pictures of people or words and patterns are ok, but rude messages and pictures are horrible. Boards should definitely be put up for people to express their feelings and talent. Hannah, 13, Lowestoft.

Graffiti is vandalism. It dirties cities and looks really tacky and ugly. It makes the city look really rough, and doesn't give it a good name. Lynsey, 13, Bucks. I think graffiti is art! Graffiti is just a way of expressing your feelings. If they had more graffiti walls then the problem wouldn't be as bad!! Vicky, 12, Huddersfield. It's vandalism! And it looks terrible and the worst part of it is the Government has to give money in to get it cleaned and this could be money used for hospital equipment etc. It's stupid if they want to do art why don't they buy an art set instead of doing it on the walls without permission.

Karen, 14, Belfast. If it is done on a prohibited property, then it is vandalism - but when it is allowed, it should be known as 'street art'. Pei, 10, London. I think that it's very annoying when you walk round a corner and you see graffiti. It really puts you down. Also you don't know whether there is going to be a gang of teenagers there that are going to upset you in some way because that's usually where they hang around!!! Amy, 12, Wales. I think it's vandalism really - there should be a time and a place for art and that's not on walls it's on paper. Jennifer, 13, Newport. I think it makes the streets look tacky. Raseda, 13, Bradford.

But it is mostly Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism where I live!! Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism think vandalism is an art form, letting out pent up anger from sad people. Mimesis is the imitation of life, capturing the human condition and painting it in Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism way so that others can experience it. My interest in graffiti is purely artistic; I feel this Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism may be more biased towards Graffiti: A Form Of Art Vandalism as an art form, as I think it is a beautiful and interesting branch of artistic talent and