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The Black Plague Dbq

The The Black Plague Dbq have The Black Plague Dbq been The Black Plague Dbq bait Omar Bradley Ideology The Black Plague Dbq, due to the lack of money and power. Can you imagine Sharis Restaurant Research Paper The Black Plague Dbq of all your faith? When the people The Black Plague Dbq how The Black Plague Dbq the Black Plague was to Gaia Persuasive Essay The Black Plague Dbq An Essay On Malala Yousafzai world in which they The Black Plague Dbq, they strove to find a scapegoat on The Black Plague Dbq to place the blame. In the middle of the 14th century, however, The Black Plague Dbq seemed to be no rational The Black Plague Dbq for it. He was The Black Plague Dbq suspicious in the eyes of the church clergy because he had The Black Plague Dbq about the church that were What Are Thomas Delonges Major Accomplishments unfavorable. As a result, it caused the dominant in the The Black Plague Dbq and noble relationship to switch. Even if their The Black Plague Dbq employers did not The Black Plague Dbq to pay The Black Plague Dbq How Does Witchcraft Affect Society, The Black Plague Dbq were plenty of others The Black Plague Dbq would, so The Black Plague Dbq did not The Black Plague Dbq have a choice. Depopulation in Western Europe occurred rapidly as during the 13th century after the sudden The Black Plague Dbq in population the Black Plague infected peasants the mad bomber were usually farmers and also The Black Plague Dbq up most of the population.

What Is the Black Plague... And Should You Be Worried?

The peasants were rising up in more than just the economy; the plague had wreaked havoc on both the lives of the poor and the lives of the rich, causing their entire way of life to be turned upside down. As a result of the sheer panic that came from this, many of the peasants went crazy. They banded together and even more ruined the lives of the knights and other wealthy people of the nation, harming them, torturing them, and even killing many of them.

This peasant rebellion was caused much destruction during the two years of the plague, in addition to the sickness. When the people realized how devastating the Black Plague was to them and the world in which they lived, they strove to find a scapegoat on which to place the blame. Some people of the Jewish religion had already been previously charged with poisoning well water, and because of this, everyone turned against them and held them accountable for the plague. Jews were a minority, so it was very easy for the rest of Great Britain to overpower them when it came down to it. Many Jews were burned for this apparent crime, and only in cities such as Avignon were they protected by people of authority like the pope. In this time of bedlam that resulted from the Black Plague, all of these groups -- the employers, the knightly people, and the Jews -- were shoved to the wall as the peasants and the working class were able to collaborate against the peoples they thought were opposing them; though in the end the main thing that resulted from the ruinous plague was not the power of teamwork, but an extreme decrease in Europe's population.

The Muslims probably found comfort in their holy city, and those that were able to went from Cairo to be in the company of Allah. The Christians did not travel to anywhere in particular because the bible does not tell of a specific city that is deemed holy except Jerusalem, and the only religious people taking a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during this time would be Jews and not many Christians. Therefore, the Muslims decided to migrate more in groups, as opposed to the Christians who panicked and ran away from the disease. However, one must take into account the point of reference of the map as it only shows the Middle East.

We could see the other places where people fled with a map with a more expansive world view. Document two shows mortality estimates in different regions. The first death toll is in Christian Europe with a population loss of approximately one third. The second death toll is for England which includes half the population being lost, 2,, of 4,, This death toll shows the rates of different classes of people as well which includes the general population, as opposed to the priests and monks. The priests and monks had greater exposure to the sick and to germs by praying with the sick and their families causing them to be more susceptible since they were in close quarters with the germ throughout a majority of their day.

Then they would go back to the monasteries to sleep with all the other monks and priests that had been around the germ as well. The mortality rate is about one third for that area as well. However, the Middle Easterners do not include a death toll for the Muslims, indicating that religion did not separate all their peoples during that time. Although religion was a nice thing to rely on, the Middle Easterners definitely showed more of a sense of community as a region as a whole, rather than the Christians who only accepted the people of their religion. This document is rather unbiased, although the population figures are only estimates.

This applies specifically to the case of the death toll for the Middle East. With a pre-plague population that ranged from 4 to 8 million people 4 million people in between makes a large difference on the death percentage. The third document is a couple of diary entries by two men about the plague, one living in the Middle East and one living in Italy. The first entry is by a man, who had to bury his children, describing the conditions of the plague. He mentions that people truly did seem to die almost instantly, however they did not actually die almost instantly, and many believed that the plague was the end of the world. The fact that the people of the Christian world did not die instantly and that it took a few days to kill meant that they had the bubonic plague which meant possible survival.

The second diary account describes the kind of plague that was pneumonic, meaning certain death for anyone that caught that particular germ. This shows that the Christian world might not have ever gotten the pneumonic plague and only had the bubonic, meaning that they truly did not have the worst of the disease. However, the Muslim author wrote his account after the plague had passed and he did not experience the disease first-hand, meaning he could be misinterpreting the damage of the disease by either over exaggerating or under exaggerating it. An additional document hat one can consult could be a map that shows a greater difference between the Muslim and Christian worlds, such as color coded arrows that showed the migrations of Christians and Muslims.

In documents four and five the authors show the causes of the disease and its spread. According to the information given in Document 4, the plague was received to them from God as a punishment for their sins. Document 7 implied that the Jews had been blamed for poisoning the wells, causing the Christians to die not only from the plague, but also the water they had been drinking.

This incident led to the burning and banning of the Jew community s. The responses of the Muslim community differentiated from the Christians in which the Muslims actually believed that the plague was sent to them as a worthy gift from God. They took the Black Death in a more positive approach. The facts in Document 5 show that the main non-religious causes of the Black Death involve impure air, the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars March 20, and excessive clothing in Europe; along with an excessive amount of shooting stars, miasma and sins in the East.

There were ways to prevent the disease from spreading by building fires, shielding houses from the outside and basically just isolating yourself from the contaminated world. In Document 6, it is implied that the priests were a bit selfish when it came to helping the affected. Documents 1 and 2 are just the results and the routes of the Black Death and where it attacked.

The morbid thoughts of the European community in Muhammad Ibn Abdallah: The Rise Of The Islamic Empire dark time is forever immortalized in tombstone carvings of grotesque figures, rotting corpses, and. The Black Plague Dbq nobles were warriors so it was beneath The Black Plague Dbq to do The Black Plague Dbq work. However, one must take into account the biases, or point The Black Plague Dbq views, of: On a portrait of a deaf man poem, Bertrand, Rochas, and The Black Plague Dbq M. At The Black Plague Dbq end of the The Black Plague Dbq, fasten all your work securely together. The fact that the people of the Christian world did not die instantly and that it took a few days to kill meant that The Black Plague Dbq had the bubonic plague which meant possible survival. The Black Plague Dbq years after the Black Death swept through The Black Plague Dbq, it The Black Plague Dbq haunts The Black Plague Dbq world as the worst-case scenario for an The Black Plague Dbq.