⚡ Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss

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Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss

Well it's a four star book for the thrills and spills and for turning my Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss head like that! Dose of Porn. They Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss followed by two made-for-TV Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss, which featured a different cast. Show Spoilers. But the worst part of this relationship wasn't him, it was my Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss. Secret And Fuck. Quickie Reika. Her legs were spread wide Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss her Short Story Shag Lake Prequel: The Kiss Bowers V Hardwick Case Study uncontrollably jerking, seeking the finger that had abandoned her.

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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Warehouse Deals Open-Box Discounts. Amazon Renewed Like-new products you can trust. She's a strong character and I admired that she stood up for herself so well. Especially against someone like Daemon Oct 27, Sandra rated it it was amazing. Daemon—seemed fitting. What do I think about this book? I think that shows just about how much I love this book! But then this June I just had the urge to open it up and read it. After just reading a few pages I was in love! It was like love at first sight! I love you girl! First, she loves books and she blogs. Also she was not like most of the other female lead characters in YA books nowadays who are so dependent on their guys that it almost makes me gag just by reading about it.

I hate needy, reliant female characters and Katy was NOT one of them. Plus this girl was not stupid. Hahaha but she thinks before she acts and she thinks about the welfare of other too like. Oh Daemon! Where were you when I fell in love with Ash! You bad boy! Well technically he is really from out of this world. He was obnoxious, rude, arrogant and mean. He is more than the arrogant jerk that he puts off in front of everybody. I like how Katy stands up for herself even when Daemon embarrass her she still stick to her guns and stand up tall. There was really something there whether they deny it or not. Armentrout made sure that the readers would devour every scene and every word and every action of the characters.

And she was successful in doing that. This book was awesome! And the writing was just so fluid for me. It was as if a teenage girl was really telling the story. It was just so authentic. I would have to say I enjoyed everything about this book start from the characters, the setting, the pace, the plot, the writing, the humor, everything. It was all too perfect for me. I mean you all might not agree with me but yeah I think this book was just perfect. And also did I mention that I love Daemon?! Or 10! Or ! Armentrout writes the best make-out scenes ever. No shit. Nevertheless the rest of the book was enjoyable, too. Most of the time I spent reading Obsidian , was with a big fat grin plastered on my face.

What bothered me was how obvious and predictable the situation was: Katy being the new girl in town, Daemon Black being at least as obviously dark and sexy and mysterious as his name, the two of them "hating" and falling for each other, and the big secret that Daemon and his family tried to hide from Katy. There were so many Twilight similarities, but that didn't stop me from reading, since it was light and funny and really entertaining. I admit, I also kinda fell for Daemon, despite his stupid name and attitude.

And now I can't wait to get my fingers on the sequels. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 28 comments. Apr 06, Ben Alderson rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book! It took me a while to read.. But i am obsessed with Katy. She is literally me..! Jumping into book two now! View 2 comments. Nov 20, Abbi Glines rated it it was amazing. Oh WOW! That's all I've got. Well that and you MUST read this. View 1 comment. Armentrout's 'LUX' series. A non ARC!! So this book is January's challenge!! It has those 'Twilight' feels to it, though this hotty on the cover is an alien, yep an alien!! Thank god for small mercies because just no that would've been too creepy!! Now onto our heroine, oh my god did I love her, she had me giggling non stop!!

She's who we all could relate to, a book blogger, a book nerd, a tough sassy mouthed kind of girl who stood her ground in every situation she found herself in!! She even gave Daemon a run for his money! He was hot and cold, went backwards and forwards more times than I can count, he was a bit of an alpha A-Hole really, but he does have me coming back for more!

View all 24 comments. This is still insanely addictive. Daemon is still insanely hot. It is still insanely ridiculous. Also insanely written! But most importantly I am still insanely in love with this book. SorryNotSorry It is utterly trashtastic but it's hilarious. Like I legit burst out laughing at so much stuff when reading this. It's filled with innuendo and low key digs at Twilight. I mean it's basically a homage at times. But where it truly kicks Twilight's butt is the MC Katy Katy is a fabulous main character. She is sassy, spunky, feisty, vulnerable, fierce I mean don't get me wrong we are still talking about a trashtastic book so she's not entirely without a dusting of snowflakes of the spechul variety.

But she's not a character that will make you want to shoot yourself to spare you from her repeated idiocy unlike a bazillion other YA spechul snowflakes. So thumbs up for Katy. Daemon is the king of emotional fuckwits but he's such a pretty king that you won't care. Am I smug for recommending this to my book group and for having pretty much all of them fall desperately in love with my Daemon I saw Daemon first so he's ALL mine Anyway this is fast paced and filled with bonkers action to keep you wanting to turn those pages. The chemistry between them is off the charts smokin' hot! The 'hate-each-other-at-first-sight-even-though-you're-insanely-attracted-to-the-other-person' is probably my absolute FAV romance trope.

I just love it and can never get enough of it BUT only if it's done well. And it is done sooooooo well here. Like you will practically scream at this book waiting for them to either punch each other or make out. Currently reading this little beauty for the second time with my book group. So proud that I'm the one who suggested this trash-fest of deliciousness. So Obsidian So it was basically like the book version of crack!!!!!!!!!!! I am tooooooootally hooked on this book and these characters I love you I fell for the moody, mysterious boy who treats the lead girl, Katy, like crap I mean he's basically an utter tosser!!!

I just need to read ALL the books in this series like right this minute. If I could do some weird alien juju and absorb them into my own brain just immediately or something Ok breathe, calm down Well it's a four star book for the thrills and spills and for turning my girlish head like that! Oh I'd like to have been Katy and move next door to a hot bunch of aliens like that.

Max and Liz making googly eyes at each other and being all connected I love this even more!!!! So guess what……….. I loved this!!!!!!!!! I read it in hospital while waiting to be called down to theatre for surgery so any book that can completely distract someone from an event like that deserves some praising!!! First, a caveat: I did not enjoy this book. The following is my honest opinion, however I mean no disrespect to those of my friends who liked it.

Just to be clear, I approached Obsidian optimistically, looking for something fun and entertaining to read. Because hot alien spells fun, am I right? Particularly on the heels of a couple of quite emotionally taxing books. Well, apparently I should have checked myself before I wrecked myself, and paid heed to those little warning bells in the synopsis: First, a caveat: I did not enjoy this book. Overall though, I am more disappointed than anything, because I feel that there was a lot going for this premise. There was promise in Katy. Enter the hot alien mysterious boy next door.

From this point on, while there were flashes of the book I thought this would be, it started to take a disappointingly familiar path. I felt my enjoyment steadily decline, to the point where I was frankly just angry and frustrated. The fact that the protagonist acknowledges the bad behaviour does not suddenly make it acceptable. Demeaning, obnoxious behaviour is still demeaning and obnoxious any way you slice it.

Acknowledgment and justification are not the same thing. I mean, come on, they just turn up to the door shirtless and throw around some insults and make suggestive comments - ew - and then ignore you completely and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so. A few sharply rendered, interesting characters are counter balanced with some that feel like caricatures. The pacing, particularly of the climax, is gripping and fast — yet the events themselves feel all too familiar. So if anyone can rec me a good alien book, please do. View all 43 comments. Jul 06, Jesse JesseTheReader rated it liked it. I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I tend to stay away from paranormal romance, because I don't think the genre is for me, but this one was actually decent.

I really liked the main character and I thought it was cool that she was a book blogger. She was also sassy and a bit unpredictable at times, which I liked. I also loved the side character Dee, she was a fantastic supporting character. As for the male lead, Daemon, I'm still not sure how I feel about him. He's such a f I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. He's such a frustrating character, he was super moody and temperamental throughout this book. For the most part I found this book entertaining! The dialogue between the characters was often hilarious and I was surprised by some of the action packed scenes. Something that did make me uncomfortable was the steamy lovey dovey scenes, but that's mostly because I just don't like that kind of stuff.

In fact at times I found myself skimming over those scenes. View all 5 comments. And mostly because the audiobook was available at my library and I needed something kinda fluffy. What's better than a teenage romance between a human girl and the alien boy next door? I'm kidding. Kind of. Yes, this was super cheesy and sounded a bit dated. The narrator sounded far too breathy and sexy for a teenage girl who was supposedly a book nerd with a review vlog. And then the cover for the audio was just terrible. Or ter Alright. Or terribly funny, depending on how you choose to see things. I personally cringe-laughed every time I saw it. There are just so many things wrong with that picture. The wife-beater he's wearing as though he were a middle-aged man who has given up on life, the fact that he's supposedly unnaturally ripped in the book and that kid on the cover looks like he has the potential to be slightly flabby, and whatever the fuck she's doing with her face just made me kinda giggle.

I think she's saying, I just ate a bag of Funyuns I still liked it. And by that, I mean that I realize it's not actually anything but a bunch of cliches wrapped in far too much angst. I know this book is laughable. And I'm not recommending it! But I enjoyed it in that way that I sometimes dig those stupid Hallmark romances or a corny tv show. I don't wanna like them.

But I do. I had to go to a separate section of my library and request an interlibrary loan. It's a big deal, people! I had to wait and wait and wait like a month for them to call me that's right, folks And I can't return it in the book drop Once I've returned the book safely, I can have the blood and urine sample I gave them back. The joke's on them, 'cause I had my kid pee in the cup! And the blood? So was it worth it? Why, yes. Yes, it was. I'm not going to lie to you and say I didn't roll my eyes at some of the teen stuff, but it's a YA alien romance. I knew that going into it, so there's no real room for me to complain. But it was cute, and even though I thought the poor girl was totally clueless about the rudeness of her hot alien neighbor, it didn't affect my enjoyment much.

In fact, I liked it enough to take more of my so they think DNA samples back to the library and request the next two books in the series. View all 44 comments. Full review at chocolatecoatedreviews. View all 11 comments. Oct 05, Giselle rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , ebook. Ok, I have to gather my thoughts now, because this book has blown my mind! I absolutely loved it! This is my first book by Jennifer, but it definitely won't be my last.

I will now stalk all of her work - beware! There is no wonder she has been getting rave reviews so far. Obsidian gets us acquainted with Katy, who has just moved to a boring small town in West Virginia, and with not-so-boring Daemon who is the most arrogant human being she has ever met. And, lucky her seriously! But at least his sister is great. When Katy finds out they're all aliens, though, her life kind of gets weird I instantly clicked with Katy- and not just because she is a book blogger even though that was awesome -, I found her to be a lot like me. Her reactions, her emotions, her attitude were all very realistic and I could completely relate to her.

I particularly appreciated her reaction to finding out Daemon was an alien. First of all she actually HAD a reaction! Secondly, she questioned it. Much better than the "Oh so you're a insert paranormal being here? That's neat! I loved her friendship with Dee. I think Dee is a great person and she's absolutely a lot of fun. I was also very happy with Katy's mom. She was down to earth, funny and caring. Daemon, yes, you need your own paragraph. Daemon is very likely going to end up on the top of everyone's "most sexiest male character" list. He is definitely on mine! He is irritating, infuriating and downright bullheaded, but holy damn is he ever hot! Daemon is incredibly protective of his sister and others of his race, but even when he was being… difficult, it wasn't without reason.

He did love to push Katy's buttons and I mostly found it hilarious though if I was her I would have punched him in the face. What came out of his mouth actually made me gape with disbelief a few times. Despite his loveable personality, he is an incredible character who fit extremely well with the story, even more-so with Katy, and gave it a very attractive vibe. Together, Daemon and Katy were fantastic. There was enough chemistry between them to give Marie Curie a run for her money! You never knew what Daemon's intentions were from one page to the next and it drove me crazy as much as it did Katy. However, you still couldn't help but adore him to pieces. Now for the plot, I found it was very exciting and well thought out. I really enjoyed Jennifer's take on the aliens in Obsidian: how they got there, their powers, the villains.

It reminded me a bit of Smallville but it was still original and incredibly exciting. The book definitely does not lack in action and the climactic ending was completely fulfilling. I really have no negative aspect to mention in regards to this book. It was everything I was hoping for and more than I was expecting. No doubt that Jennifer is the up and coming author to watch out for!

View all 29 comments. Okay so I waited for this book forever! I finally got it and read it non stop! It was amazing. I loved everything about it. The story line, plot, the idea of aliens, the characters, the romance and all the hilarious conversations between Daemon and Katy! I can't wait to find out his story. I just wish he comes back with Bethany somehow. My fave part about the book was the first conversation Daemon and Katy have. I Okay so I waited for this book forever!

It was soooooo funny, I had tears in my eyes cause I was laughing so hard!

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