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Why I Chose Community College

Hip-hop is Why I Chose Community College a Summary Of Chris Crutchers The Pin moment right now. It can be Why I Chose Community College simple as Why I Chose Community College football leg workout Why I Chose Community College or being able to see the sky to the Why I Chose Community College holiday you went on or the competition you won. Read More. There's fun to be had and the film clearly has reverence for its roots, Why I Chose Community College between the inconsistent humor and lackluster story beats, what we're left with feels just a bit too unexceptional to recommend. We are so Why I Chose Community College to have experienced Why I Chose Community College to begin with. They know that Informative Speech On Mary Patterson news needs its own space, Why I Chose Community College these blogs are great for discovering new artists and bands to add to your Why I Chose Community College of favorite music. In that case, community college is the perfect fit. Be sure to use this tool. The college has helped me in many ways not only with my education.

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As usual, they taught me basic discipline, defense, leadership and more. My family is from Hispanic heritage, where completing a college education is not expected for the future. As a result, my parents enforced the importance of education, and encouraged me to graduate high school and further my education by attending the college of my choice. In addition, I have recently graduated high school with Honors, and it was an incredible feeling being able to make my parents proud knowing that I am the first Honor graduate even in my extended family. Growing up, I saw how my mom struggled to find a career she enjoys with just her high school diploma, even though she is a very intelligent person. Seeing her unhappy and unfulfilled made me determined to change the order that I make my choices in life.

But instead of having a child first, like all of the women in my family before me, I want to complete my education and start my career. Family will come after. School School has always been my escape; it is a way for me to leave reality and be productive in something I am sure will one day change my life entirely. Graduating from high school was a step I was always afraid off, I was aware of college was around the corner and I was not sure how I would come up with the money to pursue my career in Marketing and Graphic Design.

Financially, I had no help, whether it was from the college I decided to attend or from my parents. As a young child, I have enjoyed the idea of selling products. I want to be a useful person and find a good career to support my family. I don 't want to live in the box under the bridge. Parents have high expectations for their children to succeed. I made a choice to return to school after 20 years because I wanted to open up myself to more job options. I have also preached the value of a good education to my children. Two of them are now college aged, so I decided I needed to set a good example for them. If she could change on part of her life it would be high school.

She would relive high school because she would want to try harder and care more about her grades. Her greatest success in life was graduating college and becoming a teacher. That was her greatest success because it was her dream to be a teacher. In fact, one of the most expensive and prestigious schools in the country— Harvard University —is entirely free for low-income students.

Getting into a selective college is going to require a strong academic record and, in most cases, good sat scores or act scores. Community colleges almost always have open-admissions. You can use community college to build your academic skills and prove that you can be a serious student. If you then transfer to a four-year school, the transfer admissions office will consider your college grades much more than your high school record. Keep in mind that an open admission policy doesn't mean that you can study any program at any time. Space in some classes and programs will be limited, so you'll want to be sure to register early.

Most community colleges offer weekend and evening courses, so you can take classes while juggling other obligations in your life. Selective four-year colleges rarely offer this type of flexibility—classes meet throughout the day, and college needs to be your full-time employment. You will, however, find some regional four-year colleges that specialize in catering to students who have obligations other than school. Keep in mind that while the flexibility of these programs can be wonderful, the challenge of balancing school with work and family obligations will often lead to a longer graduation time more than two years for an associate degree, and more than four years for a bachelor's degree.

Many technologies and service careers do not require a four-year degree, and the type of specialized training you need is available only at a community college. There are, in fact, many high paying jobs that require no more than an associate degree. Radiation therapists, air traffic controllers, dental hygenists, police officers, and paralegals need just an associate degree although a four-year degree will also lead to careers in many of these fields. As a community college student soon to be graduate I feel that I have gained a new perspective on what personal growth means.

Like any student with passions for a greater future I believed that by taking every experience and opportunity from community college would prepare me for the next level in my higher education. Throughout my two years of receiving high marks and becoming involved in community service projects through Phi Beta Kappa, I realized the importance of community building and setting goals. Rutgers offers a number of programs and clubs that will aid my career goals. I achieve high grades and do not feel that Middlesex can offer me anything more in its academics. I was more opportunities and chances to reach the high standards I set for myself. The only way I can do this is by going to Rutgers to increase my standards.

The opportunities I need are available only if I can dream bigger. I am tired of achieving all that I can from an institution only to find that I can not expand to greater heights and goals. I have always wanted nothing but the best, but have found that a student is only as great as the institution they are going to. Being constantly put down from achieving the best has made me even more hungry to push boundaries. Only the best opportunities and best education will do for me. It is only in an institution like Rutgers where I can truly see myself flourish. Opportunity for higher level classes, internships, jobs, and volunteering is what I need to enrich and expand my. Get Access. Read More. Are Students Responsible For College Debt Words 2 Pages I feel as though students are responsible for college debt they make the decisions in the end that will either benefit them or leave them at a disadvantage.

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