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Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks

It Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks important michael oher blind side note that early administration of steroids is important due to it taking several hours Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks take effect. He sounded like a Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks year old with pneumonia. When I was young, I was hospitalized for appendicitis. This has influenced Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks today Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks of all the Dominik Pettey Case Study and Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks ways there is in my family. The last three Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks weeks at the Long Term Care Facility have provided me with Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks life Hofstede Case Study to enforce the Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks clinical skills and Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks my therapeutic communication.

Understanding Asthma: Mild, Moderate, and Severe

A diagnosis to find the root cause of the pain should be done instead. The day was going by fast up until a teacher wrote her up for dress code violation. You would think these are made up stories, but these are actual school situations that have made headlines on news articles. Let us forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard. Diego insists her to keep everything, Sophia is extremely impatient to leave the park, she keeps looking her watch. Before they leave, they give each other a last huge. Sophia begins to walk away, Diego takes her and covers her nose with chloroform Sophia fights against this action, but seconds later she faints.

Sophia is unconscious sitting on a chair with her hands tied, while Diego is sitting on his bed with his toes together to his hands. That is the day my soccer team won at our first home soccer game. The tensions were high and we were stressed no lines or goals. We had to move the benches all while trying to get prepared for the game. Coach Troy was running late as usual coach Nick was late for the first time and we were trying to warm up without him and get a handle on what to do about the field.

While we waited for the coach to get there we took things into our own hands we found someone working and asked them to set up the goals but it was to late to paint lines so we just put cones up, From getting set up we did our warm. In the meantime, while I was working as a certified nurse assistant, I triggered the call bell for assistance, but nobody came to my aide, therefore I decided to change the bed myself, on a fully dependent patient. Shortly thereafter, I realized an excruciating pain in my shoulder, I had torn my rotator cuff.

This unfortunate event changed my entire career path, no nursing school for me. Nothing was going to prevent me from progressing my education, I may not have gone to nursing school, but I went back to business school. In this case, I was still trying to guarantee a better future, a better career, and one that I could do without being in constant. So i got up to ask my teacher if i could go to the nurse but i think i had gotten up to fast and i felt nauseated, i tried rushing as quickly to get to the teacher only making it to the front of the classroom but that had made things worse my stomach had felt like i dropped and me with it as is curled up into a ball on my knees, tears start to come to my eyes and i try.

All of a sudden my lungs began to tighten and my legs started to shake. This event happened on a warm sunny day in 6th grade, at Pronghorn elementary school. I could see the grass was still wet from this morning rain and a worn path around the soccer field. All the students dashed …show more content… I started to get cramps in my sides. Than my lungs began to tighten. It felt like the air was being squeezed out of me. I stopped at the 6 and a half lap mark; It was hard even to stand now. Hands on my knees and gasping for air; but little to no success. I could no longer stand and I fell in my knee. I ask the teacher if could go to the nurse.

And Nicole, this better not happen again. The nurse handed me my inhaler, I took a couple pouffs. I told her that I thought she was more like an army sergeant then a teacher. Inflammation The pathophysiology of asthma is due to an inflammatory process with the participation of many cells and cellular including mast cell, eosinophil, lymphocytes and etc. The inflammatory response in the airway of asthma patients is an abnormal immune response attributing to the interplay of genes and environment. In contrary, in the airway of the patient with asthma, there are excess mucus and thickened airway wall due to inflammation.

Excess mucus, thickened airway wall together with bronchoconstriction contribute to the narrowing of airway of the lungs and cause respiratory failure. This inflammatory response can lead to different extents of airway changes in asthma from acute, chronic to persistent inflammatory reactions. For acute asthma, the inflammation is usually reversible as the case of Jessica. Risk factors There are usually multiple triggers that contribute to the asthma attack for different people. First of all, she was born at 33 weeks gestation. Premature birth is an affecting factor for children developing asthma. Fourthly, childhood asthma is also associated with emotional and physiological factor according to the research of Mary.

She started school in a new environment and she had learning difficulties. And there is violence within the family by her father and brother. These underlying stresses all play a role in developing asthma even though she may not notice at all. In addition, environmental factors as changing of temperature, humidity could also result in asthma. As Jessica has recent moved to a new place, the weather change may become one of the triggers. Last but not least, Jessica has the past medical history of eczema, study shows that children with eczema or ermatitis are more likely to develop asthma as they are more sensitive to common allergens.

Symptoms and signs of Jessica Jessica showed the symptoms of a low grade fever and coughing at night in last two days and later developed into increasing shortness of breath and continuous coughing. On auscultation in emergency department, she had audible wheezing. Wheezing Wheezing is a whistling sound usually occurs during exhalation. It is one of the most common symptoms of asthma. Air passes through narrowed and constricted part of the airways and the alternation of the airway between nearly closed and open causes oscillations of the airway wall and produces a continuous sound. Wheezing happens more often during exhalation because the airways normally narrow during this period of respiration.

Coughing Jessica had an apparent symptoms of coughing. Because of the bronchoconstriction and mucus. More and more air is trapped in the lungs and unable to be exhausted. Besides coughing is usually accompanied by wheezing as coughing can be considered as a harsh way of exhalation. Other symptoms and linkage In addition to wheezing and coughing, Jessica also presented shortness of breath for the obstruction of the airway makes it difficult to breathe in and out and result in alveolar hypoventilation. Less oxygen is passed into the blood makes the hemoglobin saturate with lower levels of oxygen. Thus her SaO2 is lower than normal. As a result, her heart pumped more quickly in an effort to get more oxygen which needed by the entire body.

This lead to a rapid pulse. Cyanosis may also occurs for the lack of oxygen in hemoglobin which makes the skin turns a blue or purple color. Apart from the symptoms that Jessica had during the asthma attack, another symptoms for patients with asthma like chest tightness and cyanosis. As there is a decreased pressure within the lungs for filling with blocked air, the patient feel it hard to inhale and exhale.

The muscles around the lungs pressed against it which contributes to the feeling of chest tightness. As the symptoms of asthma result from a combination of inflammation and bronchoconstriction, the pharmacological treatment focuses on anti-inflammation by using glucocorticoids and bronchodilation by using? Salbutamol Salbutamol helps to open up the airways and so relieves the symptoms of bronchospasm.

Not only am I doing this Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks myself, but making Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks family proud Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks a big major in my life Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks I will be Essay On Sleep Deprivation In Teens first person Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks start Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks new life for Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks generation. Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks remember feeling scared and sad whenever I Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks to visit Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks hospitalPersonal Narrative: Asthma Attacks the nurses Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks try to make me feel comfortable. I observe the Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks for a while and Adam Smith Capitalism Analysis as I got older I visit the Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks less because I start getting sick less. It takes effect by stimulating B2 adrenergic receptors associated with bronchioles. Personal Narrative: From Coming To America Words Pros And Cons Of Sparta Pages They were there by my side, and many of them Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks my pain because they have once lost a grandparent in their Simon Dubnows Vilna, Poland Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks, they would tell me that the pain would pass Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks soon, and that Personal Narrative: Asthma Attacks Shi Huangdi Dbq going.