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Sunday, December 12, 2021 10:26:34 PM

Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis

A static character is one that does not change throughout football leg workout story, while a dynamic Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis changes. Thanks for that. Egeberg mentions studies that are underway, but many were never completed. I do want to Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis a concern that I think Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis as a father. A viewpoint which you are entitled to since this Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis art and interpretation is subjective. Forestier would have told her that Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis necklace was only "paste…worth at most five hundred francs"

Why I changed my mind on weed

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As for the Venus project, there were many things I liked about it. But I do not think it would work. Not yet at least. I also still have questions about who owns it? Who runs and operates it? Who funded it to get started? If we have perverted every other social structure with greed and everything we have already discussed then what makes you think that the Venus project would not fall prey to the same pull? Scratching and clawing is a big part of how people learn to survive. I would rather go to war with someone who was battle tested as opposed to someone who has no idea what to do when the shooting starts. Same in life. I want to surround myself with people who have succeeded in spite of what life has thrown them, not with people who are looking forward to having things handed to them.

I have a hard time trusting anyone who has not gone through some difficult life situations because learning how to survive no matter what is important. Something we do not teach people by pretending that no one is keeping score. In one, you say that the idea of getting ahead at the expense of others is nonsense. Then in the other reply you say…. We are now selfish, power-hungry, money-loving assholes who want only for ourselves. So Raymmar….. Here, you are simply spewing rhetoric, like any politician, saying we do this we do that, we must change, and we must rise above, and we must this and we must that….. When you thought up the idea that we have perverted the free market, the economy etc…..

As if ambition is a virtue. The Bolivian people of that city had to pay, literally, half a months pay for enough water to drink, cook, bathe, and laundry…. Thats not an expense. They must have been pleased to do it. The 2. So a small group of people split up 2. But its not at their expense. And then you have Riley Bechtel, the architect of the whole maneuver. He said to himself…. Bechtel made back his billions and more before the Bolivian people rose up and went into the streets and took their water back. Dude, you really need a dictionary to learn what the word expense means. And in America it is about the people. Or at least it was at one point. I take full responsibility for my actions and that is why I am building this website.

There were no contradictions in those replies if you get passed the assumption that I was blaming everyone else and not myself. Something you might not be able to do yet since you do not know me or my work that well. The people that use it to take advantage of others. There are people who manipulate, lie, chat and steal and yes, lots of it happens in business but it also happens in the streets. It happens everywhere you interject people because we all get the choice to be good or evil in every moment of our existence. Some people fall in love with evil because they see how easy it is to manipulate the masses. They discover that they can make money by manipulating emotions, economies, etc. Then greed sets in and it gets even worse but this is not the default.

There are still honest businessmen and politicians trying to make a difference. We have just been forced to focus on a few because the impact of their greed has been overwhelming to our society. I think the masses are still good though and that is another place we might differ in opinion. How do you propose we fix it then? You tell me that I am wrong and yet you proffer no solution yourself. Tell me how shitting on people is the way to make a difference? Why not encourage the individual to be amazing? Why not push people to realize how bad we have fucked up as a nation but reassure them that we can fix it if we are willing to make a difference.

I can do my part and you can do yours but without a critical mass we are nothing other than a couple loud mouths in the crowd. You cannot tell me that what I have done or experienced in life is not worth the effort I am putting into it. You cannot tell me that the lives I have impacted are not real. You can not tell me that there is no power in stepping out and building something for yourself. The true difference between you and I is that I think a collection of empowered individuals makes for a really solid whole and you think that the whole should be stronger than the individual.

You would sacrifice the individual for the good of the whole, not realizing that the whole cannot stand without strong pillars of support inside it. People who are willing to take the arrows, fight the fight and do what it takes so others can be free as well. I push myself and I push others because together we make up a better whole. If we were to all just sit around and subsist then the whole would eat us all and we would be totally lost to the oligarchy of obsolescence. We will have given all power to a choice few and it will never become available to us again.

Our freedoms will not be restored once they are taken and we are so close to having them all stripped from us. Like most people. You have allowed your ideology to blind you from the truth. Both sides are wrong. We are all wrong. We are all sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it when what we need is to go around and start fixing ourselves. When we fix ourselves as individuals then we can start worrying about how to handle the whole. Until then may the mob rule democracy be gentile as it draws us into a tyrannical existence. I loved reading your article Raymmar; your writing style is intense, personal, inspirational and infuriating all at once. I have the urge to commend you for your fervor, but I also must comment on the weaknesses of your article.

You lacked not in your style or prose, they were both effective and unique as this massive comment list denotes , but in your content. You wrote about how everyone must strive to reach their potential by breaking the mold in essence at least , which is not new or exciting news. Furthermore, you overlooked the fact that the world needs the people who hate their work, and only fill a spot in the assembly line. They are essential for the exceptional to succeed.

Please do not see only insult in my comment, but recognize it as a critique. I recommend that you continue your bold writing technique, but refine your content. If you would like someone to run your thoughts past you may contact me, and if you need references, just ask. Jon…not sure where you get your info from, but I have found no evidence that the world needs the people who only fill a spot on the assembly line. There is tons of evidence that the owner of the assembly line needs that spot filler, but not the world. In that case you are probably one who dreams to one day own the assembly and the factory.

That is not exceptional, actually the owners of the assembly line are a dime a dozen. The world can survive just fine without assembly lines and those who man them. But why let facts get in the way of a good discussion. I apologize for skipping an elementary thought process; I am writing to Raymmar though not you, and after reading the content on his website I decided he would be able to make simple logical connections. Please do not waste your time posting a reply of the same caliber as your last. Dave, I was with you for a second until you started spewing this better at the expense of others nonsense. The economy is not a zero sum game and they call it creating jobs because new products spawn innovation which means revenue and work for other people.

Does the employee have a say in the matter? Kind of. It is getting more and more difficult for someone to become independent. To live outside of the system which is work and school and every other social construct that you live in. All intended to keep you preoccupied, entertained and dumb. If it is so easy to be an owner then why not go out and own something? Why do people continue to work? Why then are we not all owners of some means of production other than the goods or value we can create as individuals?

Yes, Jon……if all the assembly line workers heeded Raymmers words, the world would collapse. And what happens when things collapse? History shows that they get rebuilt, and sometimes they get rebuilt better. Get it? Unless you think this is as good as it gets, or you were born on the right side of the tracks. But for the rest of us, a little bit of Raymmer will make the world a better place…….

I cannot believe I need to do this for you, but I will spell it out for your own good: In a world without assembly lines and factories like the one you are describing people would make their own goods or buy them from local surplus. This happened in history already, it was called the Cottage System, and it was replaced by the Industrial Revolution. What you are describing is going backwards socially, not destroying and rebuilding.

During the Cottage System period, innovation was stifled because exceptional minds were wasted on menial tasks. This is the essence of my original comment; if you still do not understand, or have questions on the Cottage System vs. Swift5 gmail. What a wonderful time to be an exceptional person. And Jon, you are part of that broken system that wants to perpetuate that broken system. But the real exceptional person is the kid who simply says the King is naked. You are mistaking slave labor and shitty work environments with the fact that replicable systems allow us to be efficient. It is the same thing that led to the industrial revolution and it is the same thing that is driving us into the information revolution. It has nothing to do with making a specific thing as it has to do with the ability to make something all together.

What I mean by that is having the ability to create something from scratch, take a risk, work hard and be rewarded for that effort. We have perverted the free market, the economy, the media, our methods of education, our religious organizations, our individual values and any semblance of decency as the societal default. People are starting to realize once again that they can bring value to the world without being part of the system look at me for example. As more people become enlightened and understand the value of their individuality we will see a rush towards independent thought and creative inspiration. Something I think we are right no the verge of. We either keep going in the same direction. This ends in mass war, poverty, and a totalitarian government.

Or, we turn degrees. Allow the individual to innovate, remove restrictions on small business owners, and allow Americans to do what they do best! Kick — Ass! At whatever it is they want to kick ass at! I understand that as a premise but I wont accept it. I think everyone has room for improvement and would benefit from pushing themselves. I agree that there must be mediocrity in order for there to be success but what I fear is that we are all being trapped in that mediocrity and it seems as if most of us love it.

This is perfect. All the people leaving negative comments on here are nothing but noise. While they focus on hating you, you are focused on bettering your life. With more success comes more hate. Keep doing you man. Would love to connect as well. First time ever coming across your work and I must say I am very impressed. It is funny and frustrating. The people who react negatively often miss the point of the entire article. They assume it was about me. Or even about themselves. He was offended by the article and had to defend his hard work and choice of lifestyles. He refuses to see what is right in front of him.

A movement of non-conformity that is becoming common. You can not see what I am doing because you cannot see past yourself. You must look deeper than the words. You must look at the deeper struggle inside of this story. The battle is one we all face and I wrote this as much for myself as I did of myself. If you actually knew me you would know these things but instead you just made assumptions. Clearly, you must be accomplishing simply amazing stuff out there, hence the need and the time to spew out volumes of trite, Cpt Obvious directives.

Get over yourself already. Only in person? If only we had a system for you to share those thoughts with me easily online. LOL……I concur….. Then they could be discussed, so we could see who knew both jack and shit about…then the guarantees could be applied…but until that is developed, we only have this internet forum. That is basically the point I was trying to make Dave! I do not pretend to know everything. I know the things I know and that is a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of all knowledge. All I am trying to do is to push people to be the best version of themselves as possible.

Not sure what positive contribution Alex meant to make but like most people, anyone can hate. I have taken the time to put the thoughts out there. To collect my ideas and present them to the world for them to be openly critiqued. I know that putting them out there makes me vulnerable to learning I am wrong but it also allows me to get better, grow smarter and meet people like you all who might be able to share some insight and share concepts, ideas, etc.

Does it take any sort of gut to say that? So please reconsider your words. I am tired of being nice to the idiots who stumble onto this website and then think they should tell me how to do the things that they are incapable of doing themselves. Funny you say so much with so little about who you are or even a name to reply to you by. As you can see, I have plainly laid my thoughts out here for the whole world to critique.

Where can we find more about all of your great ideas? Had you scrolled through the other comments not only would you have found the answer to your questions but you would have realized that there was a place to enter your own comments instead of jumping in in the middle of the first thread you saw. You are the same ass clown who thinks the world should only work the way they see it and then get mad when something is not what you expect. Those words crawled under your skin and smacked you in the face.

They did exactly what they were intended to do. They came out of me and affected you. I planned it that way. I wanted to piss you off. I was trying to get under your skin and guess what, you let me. You did not have to comment but you did. You hated what you read because it made you feel uncomfortable and you had to defend your feelings. You had to defend yourself not only to me but to the world.

That is how insecure you are. This article has been read and shared by millions of people and your lack of understanding does not mean you could do it any better or even tell me how I should do it different. You took offense at me calling you out. You got mad that my definition of amazing was not the same as yours and you took issue with it. Enough to get mad and leave a comment. Your mind is too simple son. You sound young and you sound ignorant to the world. We do live in a lala land and you are playing in it. You can quit your job, you can go provide for yourself. You can do something amazing and no, moving out of your moms house is not enough. Thanks for your thoughts but you have some learning to do. You missed the entire point of this article, mostly because you were too busy thinking it was about you or even me for that matter.

I apologize for the misunderstanding. I meant in person because when online, people can google anything we talk about and pretend to know about it. I just found your post pretensious Not trying to insult you, just stating my thoughts. And I say it with some conviction because I like things most people have no interest in. What you said was a relative fact. Oh, and the E! F stated the truth. I thought you said you could handle it. I can even admit that the article can be an homage to self made man who talk the talk and have walked the walk. You want to see something amazing? Try the little kid who gets killed trying to provide for his mother and sister, seeing as the father is absent, in any undeveloped or even developed country.

Try the child that gets cancer and lives with it without ever complaining. Try the single mother who works 8 jobs to feed her family, who goes without eating so her children can eat. Try the men who actually know how hard life outside the developed countries are, the orphans who grew up to be somebodies. Just my 2 cents. If you want to do something amazing with your life be a decent person, help the poor give to charity, understand there is no I in team work. Yes, those are all nice things. And we should do those as well but if that is what you consider Amazing then our bar has definitely been lowered.

Sorry Raymmar, you might want to check to see if you have drank the coolaid. There literally is no such thing as amazing, or beautiful, or greatness. These are illusions. Illusions created by people who have a stake in outcomes, or in other words, created by those who have a horse in the race. There is no lower bar or upper bar. For example, beauty as is amazingness is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing in creation is more amazing or greater than any other thing, only that you attach meaning to it does any of these illusions exist. But, this literal truth is so far off from the American storyline we are all brainwashed with, that it is not recognizable.

And the interesting thing is, it does not matter how many people you can get to agree w you, majority does not create truth. I loved your rubics cube story A LOT…so much that I sent it to my 14 year old daughter because you succinctly put ideas I want her to learn in under 3 minutes that it would take me eons to convey. Thanks for that. And he was not that smart. He could not figure out that getting ahead at other peoples expense is not something you can hide from everybody. I agree that what happens in our heads is what we perceive as reality.

My point was that we are so often satisfied with the status quo for fear of failing. We no longer push ourselves or others to do more with the skills they were given. As for jobs, I admire what he did and I see a lot of myself in him. That being said, I have a lot of role models and influencers. None of which is the be all end all in my life. I take influence and opinions of others and dissect them into my own. I explore the success and failures of others and try to break it down in relation to what I am working on and see how I can learn from their experiences. I am a creative explorer and I love to look at the world around me for what it is, not for what I want it to be and that is something that many people miss out on.

This entire website is about getting people to ask hard questions. About themselves, the world and the way they interact with it. This was not about that though. IT was about putting your best foot forward. And anyone can do that, secular, religious and otherwise. The infinitely dynamic spread of life and matter is amazingly intriguing and to even be considering it is important. Regardless of what outcome an individual comes to, the quest for the answer is so often the only important part. Enter some quote about this being about the journey, not the destination. Most of all because the advice typically has less to do with motivating other people than it does with the blogger telegraphically explaining why his life is so awesome and fulfilling.

Want to do something amazing with your life? Do something anything really for itself alone. Get over yourself. This blog was not about me. It was about the constant struggle, internal or otherwise, to be the best version of yourself possible. I actually think its funny that the people who criticize it cannot see that. Probably because they are too worried about pretending they are better than everyone else to see when someone is walking around emotionally naked right in front of them.

How is it not about you? Dude, this article is totally about you. For example, take a point from your reason What does this mean? Should we all follow your example and go out and study life instead of going to college? What if someone wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon? Or what if they wanted to be a financial analyst? Of course the article is about me, I wrote it. However, the situations in it are not all mine. Or, I guess it might be better to say that you can not be certain what side of the situation I was on. As for your particular example, mine was a message to people about pushing and exploring for themselves.

Some people also think that their degree is somehow a free pass to success and those are the people I was targeting with this article. The reason this article and most of my work gets traction online is because of the perspective I put on the things I say. I have a hard tone and am confident in my self but I am not arrogant. I am in touch with the ultimate ego but that ego is a selfless one. I say the things that many people think but cannot bring themselves to let go past their lips. I have to be bulletproof or at least pretend to be or I would never survive. Thanks for your thoughts and I have nested replies turned off because they look hideous on mobile devices. Something we are working on with some custom development. We are in the early stages of a fresh idea on how to look at the world here and I am not quite sure how it all plays out.

I find post like these not really about offering genuine advice. Nailed it Dave. Thanks for reading. Oh well. I think this is an interesting perspective on, well, life in general. I think that the information being presented is also true to some degree and contains well-meaning incentive to push people into action. If I were smarter, and as the article suggests read, researched, and fully explored this idea and pursued it while continuing my job, I still may fail.

How many times I failed in the past make no connection to whether I will fail in the present. Deep-seated hard work, as the article mentions, is what is supposed to make our dreams come true, but there are ultimately a wider range of other factors that contribute to whether this dream makes it off the ground or not. Thanks for your thoughts. The style is essentially how I talk to myself. Some people criticized it but I think most of the world secretly loved it. I shared this but I also prefaced it with this is kinda pretentious horseshit.

Pretty much a know it all rant. That has more to do with how much weed you smoke and watch other people live while you squeal. People in the Matrix try to pretend that super successful people transcend the Matrix. The Matrix is about seeking great success or eking out sufficient happiness from working hard in the Matrix. Successful people are used as sticks beating us on the back to try harder to be like them.

Two of the things I created are completely extraordinary, i. Therefore, I am not successful in the Matrix. Because the author is the writer. So he is not passive creating information. He is the attacker. But we are the reader. We are passive we are getting information. We are the defenders. If the author of this article read an article from another author with the same tone like this, he would find offensive too.

Thanks for the feedback, but as the Author I have a slightly different perspective. I agree with your point, that the reader and author have different ways of looking at the article, creating vs absorbing information but I also have to disagree and say that I wrote it in this tone because this is specifically how I wanted the world to read it. I wanted the conflict. I wanted to the anger. I was inspired by a post written in a similar style. It is how I talk to myself and how I think the world would talk to us if we knew that the world was trying to kick our ass.

I think many people are not challenging themselves because we have made it too easy to be comfortable. Comfortable is the norm and without a certain level of discomfort there can be no real change. The article was intended to make the reader uncomfortable in an attempt to provoke internally driven change. The only kind that can lead to real results. I got your points. By the way, I have a question: What should we react when we just perceive new information which makes us feel uncomfortable? If we believe it immediately, it might cause negative results if that information does not fit our perspectives. Too open might lead to overloading information, misleading. Too conservative might lead to unable to develop.

I think, as in many situations in life, it is up to us to take in the new information and compare it to our experiences old information and then see how that piece of the puzzle fits in with the other pieces we already have in place. Life is a funny puzzle like that. We find small pieces of information along the way and then spend the rest of our time figuring out how all the pieces fit together. I have a way to deal with the information that discomfort your mind, like you want to agree and ignore your blog 2 sides are attacking each other. Your article is actually about me. I stop looking for a job when I failed on my applications while my classmates and friends already got work.

And now I know i put myself in a real difficult situation. Sounds like you have already given up. That is not the way to get anything done in life. You need to rethink how you look at the world if you plan on ever doing anything worthwhile in it. I understand doubt and not being sure of your abilities at an early age but you have a lot of life left to live.

Welcome to the site by the way and thanks for registering as well. Maybe we will get your articles submission so we can review the full submission? This article was a true eye opener on various aspects of life. My name is Benjamin and I am 16 years old, I am a computer programmer. I absolutely love to create and invent new things, I have had the craving of innovation in my heart since I can remember. As a kid I always wanted to build things that no one had built before and I had no idea how I could do such a thing.

It was not until my Freshman year of high school I discovered a whole new level of possibilities I previously never knew exist. This ability to create was above my comprehension. I decided I was going to take my first step into this world of creativity and do what many could not do and eventually do what no man has done before. I had the right mind set at the time, I was not going to give up, I was going to learn a Programming language. The only problem is I started on a low level language that limited my full potential of creativity. It is a very good language but it not what I need.

I still only know the lower level language and I have created amazing things with it, but because of your article, I am now dedicated to learn the programming language I will need for the rest of my life. If a goat has had lungworms there is often scarring of the lung as well. Allergies are usually the cause of coughing for goats, especially if they have had previous lung damage. Giving the goat Benadryl or the generic brand equivalent is the best way to handle this. Do take your goats temperature to make sure there is no fever so you can rule out any infections or other sickness. Ruling out diseases or infections may not stop your goat from coughing, but you will know that it is not sick, simply just a cougher. If you notice the coughing worsens in anyway or the goat has a fever, contact your vet and have the goat looked at.

Where should I look for possible causes? You will need to do a fecal test with your vet to confirm this. Once you know for certain, you can then begin treatment. This article has some good information about coccidiosis, including causes, symptoms, and treatments. How devastating for your friend and their goats. Perhaps they were just weaker kids to begin with. Late term aborts and stillbirths are usually caused by diseases or nutritional deficiencies.

I have attached an article from Oregon State that goes through many of the common causes. I hope it can shed some light on what happened to the baby goats. The best thing your friend can do, if they really want to know what is afflicting the goats, is to have a necropsy done by the vet. One of the male babies started acting sick this morning. Any ideas what could be wrong? Hi Todd- It difficult to tell what is wrong with him without seeing him, but sometimes male goats get urinary calculi. Often they looked hunched over and as if they are straining.

The sometimes paw at their bellies, grit their teeth, and will vocalize if in pain. Check to see if he is urinating, and if so, if the quantity is diminished or has any blood in the urine. Also check the penis area for swelling and yellowing. If this is not the issue, then he may have some type of issue with his rumen. I would suggest you have the vet check him out to diagnose him. I hope he gets better.

They start with loose stool ,lose weight few hours or days they die. Hi Sarah- It sounds like your goats may have coccidiosis or are overrun my internal parasites. You will need to do a fecal test with your vet to determine the cause. Once you know for certain, you can treat for what your goats have. I am very new to owning goats. Nothing wrong with his hoof or leg that I can detect. Hi Darlene- I am sorry to hear about your goat. Without seeing your goat it is difficult to tell exactly what is wrong with him. If you have properly trimmed his hooves, and you see no cuts or puncture wounds either, then it could be laminitis founder especially if you are feeding a high grain diet. This can cause limping and for your goat not to feel well.

Also, give him some baking soda to combat the acidosis. Using a drencher usually works well. If he is in pain you can give him non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. This can cause lameness and swollen joints. You will need a vet to see your goat. There is actually no specific treatment for CAE, but goats can be given pain medication and antibiotics to prevent bacterial infections. There is also a chance your goat could have polio thiamine deficiency or Listeriosis bacterial infection , but usually this is seen more as a staggering, not so much as a limping.

Your vet will treat your goat with a thiamine and penicillin if this is the case. Keep an eye on your goat and if you try changing his diet, etc. I have a goat she is about 9 months old and she just started stumbling to one side and acts like she cant see. She was fine yesterday but today she is acting weird. If your goat does have one of these diseases you need to take this seriously and act quickly. My goat suddenly stopped drinking all the milk from his bottle. And a day before that random black spots showed up around his face. As soon as he stops drinking his bottle he sneezes and coughs and opens his mouth wide.

At the end of his little fit he shakes his head really hard and repeats. Thoughout the whole day he has these little fits. Help please. Hi Marcey- I am so sorry your goat is having trouble. The coughing and sneezing and trouble drinking sounds like he may have a respiratory issue. The head shaking could be a sign of that too or maybe trouble with his ears, such as ear mites or fluid. I am not sure about the black spots unless it is some sort of lice or mite infestation. Be sure he has been wormed and treated for external parasites as well. You will need to contact your vet and have your little goat checked out.

It sounds like he is having some serious issues. Best wishes. I have read on some of your blog before. I have two alpine goats. One of them is super hyper and to match its hyperness super stupid!! Hi Liz- Well, not sure what to do with that hyper, not so smart goat you have, except let him run and play and love him the way he is. It can be anything from allergies to pneumonia.

You need to take her temperature to start. You can give your goat rosehips for a boost and also try giving her Nutridrench and VetRx. Hi, Danelle! First, let me say I love your blog! I found you when we first started talking about getting goats well, to be honest, it was before I talked to my husband : , and I have enjoyed reading your articles and watching videos.

Thanks for being informative, yet very accessible to newbies like myself. They both started having trouble getting up off the ground. They kind of flop around trying to get up and really have to fight. The only other symptom I can see is that they seem to scratch their ears a lot. Do you have any suggestions? What the problem may be is that they may be suffering from a deficiency in selenium or vitamin E. If you notice a problem with their coat condition as well, this may be from a copper or thiamine deficiency. Also, parasite infestations can cause some of these problems. It is best to test their feces and do a coat analysis.

This can help diagnosis what is going on. Both of these require immediate vet attention. It would be best to schedule a visit with your vet at this time. In the meantime here is some information of what your goats should be supplemented with and a natural deworming protocol. As for the scratching of the ears I am assuming your goats have ear mites. You can treat this by putting a mix of olive oil and pressed garlic oil, plus lavender EO in their ears. Just a few drops will do. I have a month old nubbian. This morning she wasnt interested in eating. This evening she was having trouble standing. Now she lays streched out running no labored breathing with her head streched back.

Any ideas as to whats going on. The other 2 seem fine still. Thanks for being there. Sometimes weakness in the legs can be from a selenium or vitamin E deficiency, but the neck part is something beyond that. She may even be overrun by parasites, as this can kill a goat. Even if this is not what is wrong with your doe, with the symptoms she has she needs to be seen by a vet ASAP. I hope she is ok. Yes, it could be a selenium or vitamin E deficiency causing this. Supplementing your goats diet can help fix this.

If she gets worse call your vet. Hi Danielle. I just recently found your blog and I love it. I will definitely be checking it out frequently. My 4yr old Nigerian Dwarf Wether dropped dead last night. He had been completely normal, so this came as quite a shock to us. We have a very small backyard herd. Our other goats are 3yr old Mini Lamancha females sisters. All poop is normal, eating and drinking normal. I saw him urinate a few days ago and it was a nice solid stream, not bloody. One of the girls is really blowing her coat, but the other two are fine. I was just wondering if you had any ideas of what it could have been. What disease is that and is that tested by blood?

Thank you for your time. This should tell you what is going on. My husband and I have always wanted a small homestead and a good friend is going to give us two Nubian baby goats. They are brother and sister, bottle feed and 7 days old today. The little girl is doing great. She is such a character and dare devil. Full of energy and eats like cray. Our friends still have them and told me that they have to make the little girl stop eatting because she just goes and goes and goes.

The little boy on the other hand…. Well he is completely different. He does eat but very very little. He has started nibbling on hay and goes to the bathroom. Any tips for when I get him. Thank you and I love your blog! It has helped me so much! Not eating and not playing can be serious signs of illness for baby goats. Stick with milk replacer, but give him some probiotics. This article will give suggestions for a probiotic and how to continue feeding your baby goats now and as they grow.

This can let you know more about his condition. Also, look for any snotty discharge or a bloated abdomen. As for stiff legs, this can be a number of things ranging from polio to an injury. You can give him a dose of thiamine, this would help if it is polio. Your vet can help you with this. As for labored breathing this can be pneumonia or maybe he just aspirated when he was drinking. If he continues to not eat or displays other problems, get him checked by the vet immediately. Let us know how he is. Before you first consume milk from a goat, should that milk be tested and if so for what and do you pasturize the milk your family drinks? Hi Carolyn- No, the milk is not pasteurized. It would be best to contact your local county extension office and they can tell you who in your area offers milk testing services.

I hope this helps! Best of luck! Sounds like your goat was not properly taken care of and most likely extremely stressed out. You need to make sure she is drinking water. Keep offering her food. You may add just a tad bit of molasses to it to make it sweet and tempt her more to eat. You will need to make sure she has adequate vitamins, minerals, and is dewormed. Keep an eye on your goat and watch for diarrhea and weight loss. Best of luck and I hope she gets much better. Hi my goat billy is not drinking milk and having fully loose motion. Be sure to offer your goat plenty of fresh water. If the goat continues to have diarrhea and will not eat, it may be best to call the vet.

He got stuck in a cattle panel probably 3 weeks ago. It was pretty bad. His body flipped and his head and neck stayed the other direction if that makes any sense. Well since then. He stopped making noice. The vet said to watch him. But I noticed that when I pet him or kind of hit his side with my hand. He burps. And he coughs. Need advice. Hi Heather- It sounds like your goat has suffered some real trauma. You need to call your vet again and have him looked at. I am assuming he needs medical treatment. I wish you and your goat the best. I have a re sue Nigerian Dawrf Pygmy goats and her birth as I have been told was on July 5th … she seems younger and still losing her ambilical cord.

I had to take her to the vet 2vweeks ago and they diagnosed her with coccidia and gave her 5 days of medicine which she has finished. I have been having to drench her with milk replacement so she will eat and even that is a challenge. She walks around looking sad with her head and tail down. What should I do? Not being able to see your goat makes it difficult to guess what exactly is wrong with her. Has she been wormed and checked for lice, etc.? Worms can do a real number on goats, even killing them if they become infested. Parasites can really drain a little goat or even a big goat , making them sick.

Also, is she getting the right supplements and minerals? Goats lacking in these areas can also become sick. I hope these helps. You may also want to check back with your vet to discuss any follow up medication they think your goat may need. I hope your little one gets better. Let us know how things go. I wish you the best. Being a breeder of pygmy goats for nearly 30 yrs. This is also a good practice anytime antibiotics are given. Hello i have a problem with my male 1,5 year old pygmy goat. He eats normaly and isnt realy depressed, but he chooses to lie down more than walk, he even eats while lieing down. Also tends to walk on his knees likes to eat like that. After geting up he doesnt walk properly for some time but afterwards hes normal like nothing is wrong.

He has a adequet diet with plenty of minerals also we give some vitamin D suplemens to make sure it isnt caused by calcium difiency. Doesnt show any pain sings when touched the joins arent swolen. Any sugestion what could be the cause of it? It sounds like he may have a foot problem. Does he eat a lot of grain? If so, this especially combined with low forage can cause foundering. Feel his hooves. If they are hot to the touch this is a definite sign. Also feel if the hooves are extremely soft to the touch or are white looking. If he is foundering you need to call the vet for treatment and slowly start pulling him off of grain.

Always remember with this little goat of yours, and any other goat, you really need to care for their feet and keep them trimmed and make sure they are not consistently in damp conditions. I hope this information helps. Let me know how is doing. Best of luck with him. I thought that we had completed enough research before buying them….. I have found though that we still have a lot to learn. In the short time that we have had them we have had them it seems like something is always going on. First, we banded the little boy goat and about a week later he contracted a skin infection around the banded site. He doctored him and got that problem taken care of. Then a week ago I was holding him and noticed a speck on him.

I got to looking and it was lice. Then noticed that the two babies are anemic, I am assuming from the lice. We are now treating for lice and the anemia. I have read over the goat diseases and what to look for. Are there other resources or a possible a book that you would recommend for us. I have had read tons online about goats. Not sure if I am just not searching for the right thing or looking in the right places.

We want to be sure that we are looking and preventing things instead of always treating the problem. Hi Veronica- The fact that you are trying so hard and doing so much research makes me think your goats are doing just fine. With any animals, much like children, there are bumps along the road, ones which you seem to deal with just fine. The best thing you can do is offer proper nutrition, never feed straight of the ground, offer fresh water, access to quality pasture, space, and sunshine, put them on a worming regiment, examine them daily, and just let them be happy goats. If you want a resource to go to about your goats, the most personal one I can think of is your county agriculture extension agent. These people are a fantastic resource because they have seen and heard it all.

They can personally come out to your place and let you know about great local programs, etc. I am sure you are doing just fine with your goats, but definitely get to know your county extension folks, they can help out in so many ways. Best wishes and Happy Goating! I have a 3 year old Alpine goat that has lost weight and wont eat very much. He streatches out like his tummy hurts. He will eat celery , carrots, but not much. He wont drink and has no energy and looks weak. Cant afford a vet right now , please help if you can, Thanks…. Hi Rhonda- I am so sorry to hear about your Alpine.

For tummy issues there are a few things to think about. The first thing to find out is if he has eaten something that has caused digestive upset. Things like too much grain, alfalfa, clover, molasses, or certain weeds like milkweed can all cause stomach upset. Rapidly changing your goats diet can also do this. Giving your goats too many treats, even carrots and celery are not good for him. He really just needs quality pasture or hay to eat. Beyond making sure his diet is limited and consistent, also give him free access to some bicarbonate of soda baking soda , as this can ease digestive upset. Also make sure your goat is getting all his minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, as a lack in certain ones can disrupt digestion.

Another thing to look for is if you goat has worms. This can cause stomach pain, as well as other issues. Be sure to consistently worm your goats. One more thing to look at is if your goat may be getting poisoned. Make sure goat cannot access these, as they will cause stomach pain and death. If your goat is becoming severely dehydrated you can use a drencher to gently push some water into his stomach. If you do this, know it is a huge stressor for a goat and must be done slowly. If it is done too fast or the goat is being too vocal he can choke on the water and die. I hope some of this information helps. I really do hope your little Alpine is ok. I have a 7 month old buck boer goat and have a problem. When we first bought the goat two months ago he seemed fine with weight and and energy.

Only a small amount. The person we bought him from said that he ate alfalfa hay. What do you suggest we do? Thank You, Finn. Hello, I have a quick question. It was out of no where. Then a month later in the morning I find one of my other goats dead. Neither had symptoms of anything and they were eating and digesting everything normally. Any help that you can offer? Wow, interesting. I would get any other goats on your property tested, ASAP.

Young goat dont eat anything but sometimes few leaves she eat. She might have eaten too much wheat flour his stomach feel very heavy. Iven him digestion mixture also encure injection…… Also given her a sulpha I just got a 23 day old Nubian so my 20 day old male Nubian will have a mate. The male is double her size. They are both full blooded Nubians. I am having a hard time giving them a bottle. Why is she so much smaller? Should I worm her at 23 days old? Hi there. We had our first kidding experience just 4 days ago.

Very exciting! The first few days were great but now my little billy has a fever. I am trying to find the best fever reducer without using antibiotics. I will if necessary it just makes me nervous with him being newborn. I have read Batamine, penicillin and nuflor are the best to use but am unclear on dosage. What antibiotic has worked best in your experience and also dosing a baby. My 6 months old buckling has fits. It lays still on the right side when in pain and it has lost weight. What could be the problem? Hello mam i have a goat which suffering from brain problem. What should i do? Hi Wendy- I have 2 female goats about 5 years old. They have never been around other goats and for some reason they are producing milk.

What would you recommend? Good morning.

Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis my sister poem. I have a 3 year old Alpine goat that has lost weight and wont eat very much. When I first started reading it, Why I Changed My Mind On Weed: Article Analysis felt refreshed at how you took on this difficult topic.