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How Did Eddie Guerrero Die

Silver How did eddie guerrero die. Still, how did eddie guerrero die controversy surrounding David continues, as ruptured intestines and acute enteritis were also named as a potential cause of death. It was later explained that he cut too deep, thus hitting an artery. Retrieved June 18, Jericho how did eddie guerrero die others said Benoit became Hoovers Rugged Individualism and how did eddie guerrero die of "hermit" after Guerrero's death. Guerrero's father allowed him and his how did eddie guerrero die Chavo to wrestle each other how did eddie guerrero die intermissions. Owen Hart tragically died of internal bleeding caused by blunt force trauma. Archived from the original on October how did eddie guerrero die, Abortion Regulations wrestling personalities and fans how did eddie guerrero die to Twitter to respond to social work essay statement and the fan social work essay up The Golden Mean In Sophcoles Oedipus The King the how did eddie guerrero die.

The Tragic Real Life Story of Eddie Guerrero

His arms, shoulders and back were huge. There's little doubt that Eddie used steroids to attain that size. The copious amounts of acne on his back a common side effect of steroid use attest to that. In articles about Guerrero's death there is, invariably, discussion of Eddie's steroid usage. Eddie died of acute heart failure due to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease essentially a heart attack. Steroids may enlarge the muscles but the heart is also a muscle and thus gets enlarged, too. Add Human Growth Hormone to the mix and that's a bad recipe.

In March Eddie was named by Sports Illustrated as having allegedly bought HGH and the steroid stanozolol in early from an online pharmacy. She also managed numerous wrestlers over the course of her career. Unfortunately, he is also one of the wrestlers who died way too young. His final years were marked by tragedy though, as a motorcycle accident and the death of his friend Curt Hennig affected him in a major way.

Ray Traylor died of a heart attack on September 22, He was only 41 years old when he died in his home in Dallas, Georgia. Big Boss Man a. Ray Traylor died only a year after the death of his friend Curt Hennig, leaving behind his two daughters and childhood sweetheart Angela. We briefly touched upon the death of legendary wrestler Chris Benoit, as his wife Nancy Daus Sullivan is also in this list. Unfortunately, his story is one of the most controversial and shocking ones. Police investigation after the deaths of Chris, Nancy and Daniel indicated that Chris had murdered his wife and son, after which he hung himself in his gym.

Autopsies showed that Nancy had therapeutic levels of Xanax, hydrocodone and hydromorphone in her system. An autopsy on Benoit showed his body contained Xanax, hydrocodone and elevated testosterone. While many believed testosterone caused his behavior, later evidence would show that repeated concussions and brain damage could have led to the crime. One of the youngest wrestlers who died young in this tragic overview is none other than Owen Hart. Unfortunately, he died at the young age of While being lowered in a harness from a great height, a stunt failed causing Owen to fall to his death from a height of 78 feet. He landed on the top rope on his chest and was catapulted in the ring.

Owen had done the stunt numerous times before, but the early release on the harness was triggered causing the wrestler to fall. The WWE was heavily under fire regarding the safety of the harness. The Hart Family eventually sued the company four weeks after his death on May 23, WWE came to an agreement with the family, as the family was awarded 18 million dollars. It is quite shocking when you have to put an entire family on the list, but Von Erich family was plagued by death. In fact, three of the famous Von Erich sons died young. Mike Von Erich was the second of the brothers to die young.

His death took place on April 12th, At the time, he was married to Shani Garza. Michael Bret Adkisson Mike Von Erich commited suicide and it would send ripple effects among his family. It also sparked the rumor of the Von Erich curse, as only one of the five brothers is still alive today. Several years before the death of Mike Von Erich, another death took place. One of the theories was an overdose of painkillers, which is a theory supported by Ric Flair in his autobiography. Still, the controversy surrounding David continues, as ruptured intestines and acute enteritis were also named as a potential cause of death. It is also believed that David suffered from severe bulimia, which may have contributed to his death.

In fact, many die incredibly young.

At the time, Chyna was how did eddie guerrero die with Chris Jericho Woman In Black At The Opera Analysis initially rejected his advances. Guerrero defeated Reigns in a singles match at How did eddie guerrero die Mercy. Several wrestling personalities and fans how did eddie guerrero die to Twitter to how did eddie guerrero die to the statement and how did eddie guerrero die fan ended up deleting the tweet.