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Family Intergenerational Relationship

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Supporting healthy family relationships

These shared interests allow you to discover some commonality while maximizing the time you spend together doing something you both enjoy. Finding common interests benefits your father-son relationship in a number of ways. For instance, sharing an interest with someone allows you insight into who the person is. Common interests also become a vehicle for bonding by giving you something to talk about and do together that you both enjoy. If your son is younger, try different things together until you land on something you both enjoy doing.

And if your son is older, talk to them about their interests to see if it sparks something in you as well. Here are some common things that fathers and sons might share an interest in, but don't limit yourself to this list. There is something magical for a boy about being involved in something bigger than themself. Plus, these big, visible projects can really help strengthen a father and son bond. Some dads and sons build planter boxes, landscape a backyard, build a vacation cabin, participate in Habitat for Humanity, or head off on a big summer biking vacation.

Whatever it is, a bigger-than-life project done together can create a bond that will last a long time and make memories you will talk about together for decades. To come up with a project you and your son can do together, think about what you both enjoy or community issues you are passionate about when developing a project. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing. Starting from an early age, it's important that fathers learn how to listen to their sons without judgment and without trying to fix things too soon. Doing so, will go a long way to building a lasting relationship and developing an effective communication style.

To encourage your son to open up, look for opportunities to be with your son when you can just listen to what's on their mind or what they have to say. Fishing together, going to a sporting event, or taking a road trip can all be effective ways to create a listening environment. Here are some tips on how you can effectively engage in active listening. Our children are bombarded with negative messages all around them. Just watching commercials on television can create a sense of inadequacy in our sons. They probably are not quite as strong, may not have six pack abs, or be quite as good looking as the guys they see on television.

As they grow up, they are forced to navigate and wrestle with a lot of big issues. For this reason, fathers need to have regular conversations about those big issues. Here's a brief overview of some of the topics you need to make sure you are talking about. Focusing on your son, spending positive time together, and talking about life lessons, scattered with a large dose of quiet and engaged listening, will help you develop a nurturing and meaningful relationship with your son. Your efforts also will help your son form attitudes that allow them to develop into an upstanding person in the richest sense of the word. Get expert tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Fathers' involvement: correlates and consequences for child socioemotional behavior in the United Kingdom.

J Fam Issues. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Active listening. Updated November 5, Jessee V, Adamsons K. Father involvement and father-child relationship quality: an intergenerational perspective. Parent Sci Pract. Table of Contents View All. Table of Contents. So it made me realise how powerful feeling and thought and the brain can be, especially when it overwhelms someone and how little we actually know about how the brain works sometimes. Danika and Nora-Jane had both had bereavements of suicide within their families, so we were very, very cautious about how we approached the project.

The Wellcome Trust came in and that allowed us access to some of the leading psychiatrists and psychologists, we met a lot of support workers, in fact we also spoke to two sisters who had a shared psychosis. What we realised is a psychosis manifests very differently for each person, so it kind of gave us some leverage to begin telling our own story. It really was a long and complicated five-year journey making this film and I do feel the film feels different for it because we were led very much by fact as we were searching for our fiction. You mention they both have experience of suicide in their family and the performances feel so grounded in reality and truth, I just wondered what they brought to that process?

So it looks effortless but they did a lot of work to really feel as though they were two halves of one. Those physicality workshops really unleashed the amount of energy and ferocity we would need. We spoke to a woman whose sister had been missing and what it meant when she returned. Again it was the small details, like whenever she hugged her sister for the first time she realised she was skin and bone. It was just really heartbreaking and powerful but it was about detail. FB: There are small moments throughout the film that illustrate the generational divides within Borderlands communities, especially between pre and post-Troubles generations. How big a part was that in your research? There were powerful case studies done on intergenerational trauma through European funding, so we were reading interviews and kind of just hearing how it was affecting the everyday.

What became very powerful was that the truth felt like it was dangerous. So the ripple effect is apparent. FB: Throughout a lot of the film, men are presented as reminders of a former violence. Did you consciously look at the experience of women within the context of intergenerational violence? CB: With the case studies we were reading it tended to be that the people who were putting themselves forward were women. So there were a lot of stories from mothers talking about their father or their mother who had been killed. What is your relationship to your grandmother? Our research on psychosis was constantly bringing us back to the female frame of the nurturing, or the lack of nurturing, and in many ways it was exciting because it was at odds with the traditional way of telling a story set in Northern Ireland which is normally about men and their guns.

Our intention in this film was not to take a side, we just wanted to drill into a very close sibling dynamic. What we realised is that their mother was present for them in their lives, I guess in the only way she could be, but I feel like she might have had a lot of blind spots and you can see how that affected each sister. We always had this image of their mother as someone strikingly beautiful, I always imagined her with red lipstick, someone who would stop people in the street with her looks.

And I think in a small, provincial Catholic town that can be scandalous. So was she able to make herself smaller in order to feel safer? FB: I did want to talk to you about red. I totally forgot about that. How conscious was the use of red in the film? CB: It all stemmed from this image of a stunningly beautiful woman wearing red lipstick in a small provincial town and I remember in the workshops we tried different coats for backstory. Then I thought back to the red lipstick and I thought that it would be fitting if she was wearing a red coat.

So it really stemmed from that. But what was fascinating was how the landscape started to change, it went all burnt and golden and red-y brown, so it was like the film was telling us what it needed to be. Giorgio Armani Neve brings the winter cool to Harrods.

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