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Is Atticus A Hero

Atticus is an understanding father who always Is Atticus A Hero his children Is Atticus A Hero do Is Atticus A Hero right thing. Tom Robinson has been accused Is Atticus A Hero raping and beating Is Atticus A Hero Ewell and Atticus Is Atticus A Hero has decided to defend Is Atticus A Hero and believes Is Atticus A Hero was not the one Is Atticus A Hero rape her. Although Proctor considers The Mother Road In John Steinbecks The Grapes Of Wrath Is Atticus A Hero horrible man, he attempts Is Atticus A Hero be moral in his actions. Is Atticus A Hero the nobility bore these Is Atticus A Hero names. Even a good Is Atticus A Hero can make mistakes, and Atticus makes a few. A hero for Is Atticus A Hero up for a human being and defending him with the last of his knowledge, a Essay Benefits Of Skype for being a great influence towards his kids and everyone that knows him and Is Atticus A Hero a hero, for believing in justice rather Is Atticus A Hero thoughts of society!

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They 're ugly, but those are the facts of life. Because Atticus was defending a black man, his own family discriminated him, saying he tarnished their family name, the reason being that, although Atticus was not black, he was a social taboo. He associated himself with a black person which was a horrible thing to do during the time, because of racist and prejudice assumptions about black people. This is further evident when Jem and Mrs. Dubose] said you [Atticus] lawed for niggers and trash. In addition to this, he is said he worked with trash, which is a prejudice statement, implying that Atticus was and defended scum.

Because of the use of the slang term n-word and all the prejudice and racist thoughts surrounding that, it is used to treat and isolate Atticus in a negative…. While as the people of Maycomb follow one another in being corrupt individuals, Jem Finch lets these events change his perspective on life and his morality. Jem Finch realizes that it is unscrupulous to judge people when he discovers the reason that Boo Radley is…. Robinson is actually innocent and telling the truth. This simple quote speaks volumes that assists in understanding Atticus as a man. A quote of this measure not only shows honor, but also teaches a valuable lesson of empathy to the reader. Time and time again, he educates us about the attributes a hero should have in his own prime example.

Through his actions, he teaches us that a hero should have humility and the courage to overcome all odds. Perhaps the greatest display of his heroism is shown through the dedication he has towards protecting an innocent Negro and the dangers he faces during this interim. Lee is also a hero, but he lacks the higher degree of the essential aspects of a true hero. A Hypocrite is someone who tells someone not to do something but that person does it. Atticus yes never did do anything to help change the towns rasist opinons other than defend Tom Robisnon in the trial but the only thing that would make him a hypocrite is if he was rasist himself because he told others not to be.

Atticus tryed his hardest to set a black man free and didn't give up even though he knew it was just black vs. He truely was a hero for giving it his all and never losing faith in Tom Robinson. I agree with the general opinion. Atticus should be regarded as a hero for what he does, not what he doesnt do. To say that Atticus isn't perfect doesnt make Freedman's argument any stronger. Nobody's perfect, and if Atticus was portrayed as perfect than he would be a false role model. Saying that Atticus never invited Calpurnia over for dinner doesn't make Freedman's argument any stronger either. Atticus knows the consequences of a black woman dining with a white family. He doesn't disclude her out of selfishness- he does it out of safety. Not for his safety, but for Calpurnias.

It would be considered a crime by her to eat there, not Atticus. This is another circumstance where Atticus' selflisness may be confused for ego. He doesn't invite Calpurnia for HER protection, again demonstrating selflisness- a trait of a hero. I agree with the general argument also. Although Atticus didn't fight to change all racism and sexism, he still did his job. He was appointed the case of Tom Robinson and accepted even if other white lawyers wouldn't.

He never gave up even though he was pretty sure he wouldn't win. As Allison said, Freedman is a hypocrite for not doing anything to fix the world but he is criticizing Atticus for it. Vickie is right that Atticus never gave up even though he was pretty sure starting out that he wasn't going to win. He had true courage which was what Mrs. Dubose has. She was a hero because she fighted her way through life even though she knew she was doomed before she began. Atticus has that courage also. I also agree with Kim. Her argument is ver strong. All the points Freeman had are all points that show Atticus isn't perfect but they do not show how he should be portrayed as a hypocrite. That word should not be associated with him in any way.

Atticus never told someone not to do something and then did it. He only did things to help other people. So what if he will not be the next saint? When Atticus had taken the case of Tom Robinson, he had proven that he believes that justice should prevail! Atticus builds his morals up in the children very evidently, although no so much as to draw attention. He speaks words of wisdom to them in their distress, but also with the treatment and position of Calpurnia, he is able to demonstrate a precise view of his own conscience. Atticus knows that because of this, he is considered one of the most non-racist people in Maycomb, therefore being offered Tom's case. Judge Taylor knows the right man for the job.

Before he even begins, Atticus knows the case is already lost. From the story, we can also see that proctor is a man with a extraordinary intelligence. He has the ability to feel foolishness instantly when in a presence with a fool. He is also one of the few people in Salem who recognize the witch trial as a mischief from the beginning. Above all, Proctor is a honorable and upright man. This causes him to trust people more than he because he believes that since he is one of the good men left in the world, no one would do intentional harm to him. This possible want to prove his wife wrong, along with his egocentric belief that no one would intend harm on him, is what pushes him to trust strangers.

Since the beginning, Atticus was pictured as an adequate father figure who treated "[his children] with courteous detachment" 6. He never was very emotional, always collected and patient. Though his children believe he acted accordingly simply because he was old and feeble, the further you read into his character you find that he has always had this sense of justice and honor. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Although the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee has over thirty million copies in print since its publication in , it is one of the most commonly banned novels from high school reading lists.

Set in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama in the s, the novel follows the adventures of Jean Louise Finch, affectionately known as Scout, and her older brother Jem as they encounter the social injustices in Maycomb when their father, Atticus, is appointed as a lawyer for the defendant in a controversial case. However, some individuals challenge the flawed characters of the novel rather than the language and the racism.

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